Chapter Management

Here are a few tools to help you manage your chapter more efficiently.

Conducting Tele-Conference Meetings (PDF): Use tele-conferences and other e-communications as  alternatives to conducting in-person meetings.

Using Bylaws To Improve Effectiveness and Achieve Results (PDF): Slides from the workshop for chapter leaders at the 2019 national convention.

10 (Creative, Catchy, Compelling) Ways To Market Your Chapter (PDF): Tips for raising the visibility of your chapter in your community.

100 Ways To Recruit New Members: Get ideas to boost your chapter membership.

10 (Essential, Effectual, Manageable) Ways To Recruit and Retain Members for Your Chapter (PDF): Strategies to get new members... and keep them.

10 (Exciting, Engaging, Educational) Ways To Attract Youth To Your Chapter (PDF): Ideas for engaging young people in your chapter and its good work.

Ways to Connect with Your Members (PDF): Tips on improving relations with members.

Sample Chapter Activities Plan for the Year (PDF): Calendar of proven tasks to help officers better manage your chapter.

Some Possible Reasons Why People Join/Volunteer (PDF): For a better understanding of what motivates people to join and get involved at your chapter.

Keep Your Chapter Healthy Checklist (PDF): Follow this listing to keep your chapter viable and successful.

Leadership Transition Plan (PDF): Description of officer duties and how best to accommodate newly elected officers.

See a directory of all the Resources, Tools, and Services Available To Chapters (PDF).

Learn about services available to chapters in a webinar. (Fill out the registration form for instant access to the video.)

Learn about how to recruit and retain chapter members in a webinar. (Fill out the registration form for instant access to the video.)