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Conservation and Outdoor Rec Display

Marketing Displays

To help raise the visibility of the Izaak Walton League of America and showcase our brand at regional, state, and local public events, the League has developed a resource package to support our membership marketing efforts and help advance our mission. A quality and affordable display unit – comprised of various tools for recruiting members and marketing, including a pop-up display that can be customized – is available to chapters for purchase. Order one (PDF).

"Don't Litter" sign

"Don't Litter" Sign

Litter is everybody’s nemesis! The White Oak River Chapter in Swansboro, North Carolina, found that installing this friendly sign, displaying the new Izaak Walton League logo, on roadways, trails, and streams helps curb litter. It’s also a great way to let the community know that your chapter is engaged in local conservation work. Order some (PDF).

"Don't Litter" sign

Upgrade Your Anti-Litter Sign

If your chapter previously purchased these "Don't Litter" signs, you can upgrade them with durable, outdoor-use decals of the new Izaak Walton League logo - designed for use on this sign only. Order some (PDF).

IWLA flag

Flags and Banners

Get this quality nylon custom 3x5-foot design as a flag (grommets on the side) or banner (grommets along the top). Perfect for chapter meetings and public events. Order one (PDF).

IWLA Name Badge

Name Badges

League-branded name badges are available for all your chapter or division officers. White badge engraved in black with the officer's name and title as well as the chapter or division name. Order some (PDF).

IWLA promotional DVD

Promotional DVDs

Promote the League at your public events with this three-minute video that provides an overview of the League’s history and conservation mission. Contact for a copy (limited quantities available).

Roadside Sign

Roadside Signs

The sign marks the spot! Whether it's to help new members find your chapter or to highlight conservation project successes, a League-branded roadside sign increases community recognition. Order one (PDF).

IWLA display

Tabletop Displays

Stand out at your next public event with a League display! Contact your division leadership to see if your division has a loaner display or email to request a loaner display from the IWLA national office. Included with the display are an IWLA banner, a custom League tablecloth, a promotional DVD, and a supply of the most recent issue of Outdoor America magazine.

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