Sandhill cranes in a wetland

EPA Strikes First of Two Blows Against Clean Water

The Environmental Protection Agency removed Clean Water Act protections for small tributary streams and millions of acres of wetlands nationwide, weakening protections for water quality, fish and wildlife habitat, and our economy.

An artificial side channel on the Missouri River

Better Management of the Missouri River Would Benefit People and Wildlife

The Army Corps of Engineers is re-committing to smarter management of the river. Solutions that work with nature will reduce flood risk and increase habitat for fish and wildlife. Read more about the new plans.

Conservation Reserve Program land in Iowa

Budget Battle Threatens Conservation Funding for Farmers

A federal budget that doesn't provide much money for agriculture means farmers won't get the funding they need to implement the conservation practices they want.

Warning sign for polluted water (Photo credit: iStock)

How Clean Are the Streams in Your Community? 

World Water Monitoring Day (September 18) was established to bring awareness to water quality issues across the globe. Now every American can find out whether their local streams are safe using the Clean Water Hub.
Handful of algae

Shedding Some Light on Our Murky Waters

What's that green stuff floating in the lake? Is it safe for your dog – or for you?

Deer tick

Tick Tips: Simple Ways to Avoid Tick Bites

Don't let a fear of ticks keep you from spending time outside. Simple preventative measures will help you safely enjoy outdoor recreation this summer.