President's FY2020 Budget Request Released

The president has proposed a new budget that would drastically reduce funding for conservation, environmental protection, and public land management.

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EPA Proposal Strips Pollution Protections for Small Streams Nationwide

The Izaak Walton League strongly opposes EPA’s effort to scale back clean water protections because it is not supported by science, the law, or common sense.

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Road Salt and Stream Health

As the days get colder, many of us might think it’s time to put stream monitoring on hold until spring. But there is still work to be done! Each season presents specific threats to stream health. In winter, road salt can cause serious damage to water quality. That's why the League created the Winter Salt Watch campaign – to help volunteers measure salt levels in local streams and alert local agencies when they spot a problem.

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​Outdoor Recreation

Insider Info: Controlling Your Temperature

The key to staying warm is staying dry. Check out these tips on managing your sweat to regulate body heat.

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Insider Info: Young Guns

Selecting the right rifle or shotgun for a small-sized hunter can make all the difference to their ongoing enjoyment of shooting sports.

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New IWLA Archery Academies in Iowa, Indiana

The key to a successful archery program is having knowledgeable, certified instructors who can create a safe and fun environment. To help you do that, the Izaak Walton League and Archery Trade Association are co-hosting two new Archery Academies this spring.

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