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Water Webinars

Save Our Streams Presents: Clean Water Webinar Series

Each month, the Clean Water Team will be bringing you presentations on all things clean water. From policy to landscaping and everything between, join us for an opportunity to learn about clean water issues and what you can do to protect America’s waterways.

January 21 – Salt Watch Update: The State of Road Salt Pollution

You've learned about the impact road salt and chloride have on our trees and our waterways – now learn about where chloride is a problem in streams, lakes and groundwater. Join us to hear about the progress of our Salt Watch season so far, and tune in to learn more about the extent of chloride in surface and groundwater across the country. Emily Bialowas, our Salt Watch coordinator, will give an update on how you have contributed to Salt Watch this winter and what more you can do, and Dr. Joel Moore from Towson University will tell us about how chloride moves through our waterways, where it persists, and current research into the impact of road salt.

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Man testing salt levels in a stream

Winter Salt Watch

Road salt (sodium chloride) is everywhere during winter months. It keeps us safe on roads and sidewalks, but it can also pose a threat to fish and wildlife as well as human health. You can take action to find out whether road salt pollution is a problem in your local stream.

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League Gets Partial Win on CRP

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has partially restored incentive payments for landowners who enroll in Continuous Conservation Reserve Program contracts, after having slashed those incentives earlier this year.

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Agriculture Resilience Act

A Blueprint for Common-Sense Conservation

There will be many opportunities for Congress and the new administration to adopt common-sense conservation policies in 2021.

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Save Our Streams online training

The One Thing Most Americans Agree On

Even in these divisive times, the consensus around climate change is stronger than ever. Large majorities of Americans agree that it’s real, we’re causing it and we should do something about it. Confronting and overcoming the climate crisis won’t be easy. But the League, with its hundred-year history of jumping into and sticking with long and difficult fights, is perfectly positioned to rise to that challenge.

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