Clean Water Advocates and Experts Gathered at Iowa Water Quality Summit

Water pollution is a persistent threat in communities across Iowa. The Izaak Walton League of America (IWLA) brought together advocates, academics, and agency staff to discuss water quality challenges specific to Iowa and map out steps to create a state-wide volunteer network to monitor water quality and push for changes to improve water quality.

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Turn Waste into Treasure: How to Build Soil Health in Your Backyard

Water, air, and yard waste are all you need to create a rich source of nutrients for your plants.

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On Common Ground: IWLA and Farmers Support the Same Soil Health Strategies

Farmers and soil health experts asked Congress to implement strategies very similar to what the League has been working towards at the federal and state level.

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​Outdoor Recreation

Invasive Species Education Event Sets New Records

Over 1,500 boaters and anglers from 11 states heard the key message: clean, drain, and dry your boat every time you come off the water.

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Tick Tips: Simple Ways to Avoid Tick Bites

Don't let a fear of ticks keep you from spending time outside. Simple preventative measures will help you safely enjoy outdoor recreation this summer.

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Thinking Like a Mountain: Hunting Out Back

The future of conservation depends on young hunters, and young hunters need places to practice.

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