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Water Webinars

Save Our Streams Presents: Clean Water Webinar Series

Each month, the Clean Water Team will be bringing you presentations on all things clean water. From policy to landscaping and everything between, join us for an opportunity to learn about clean water issues and what you can do to protect America’s waterways.

June 23 – Microscopic Organisms, Monumental Problems: Bacteria Pollution in Our Waters

Microcystin, E. coli, manure, sewage... too frequently, these pollutants can be found in our streams, rivers and lakes. Though we can't see bacteria with our naked eyes, we also can't ignore the negative results of bacteria pollution. Impacting drinking water, recreation, aesthetics, wildlife, and ecosystem integrity, bacteria pollution is a significant cause for concern, especially in warmer months.

Lisa Wu with Potomac Riverkeeper Network and Alicia Vasto with Iowa Environmental Council will join us for a discussion about bacteria monitoring, urban and rural sources, impacts and solutions!

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Save Our Streams online training

Increasing Soil Health and Sequestering Carbon in Agricultural Soils: A Natural Climate Solution

Agriculture can become a significant part of the American climate solution by increasing the use of farming practices that improve soil health, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and store carbon in the soil while providing economic benefits for farmers.

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Gear Up for the 100th Anniversary

From teddy bears to T-shirts, we've got everything you need to celebrate the centennial in style. Even more items will be added in the coming year. In the meantime, don't miss out on this historic limited-edition Ike gear.

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Stream with small waterfall

Salt Watch Kickoff – Engaging Communities for Better Road Salt Practices

Join us to kick off this year's Winter Salt Watch at our November Clean Water Webinar! We will provide background information and updates on the Salt Watch program and then hand it off to our experts. Allison Madison will discuss initiatives at the esteemed Wisconsin Salt Wise organization, and Sally Petrella will share how she and others at Friends of the Rouge in Michigan are engaging their community in Salt Watch.

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Agriculture Resilience Act

Izaak Walton League Advises Administration to Leverage Local Conservation in "America the Beautiful" 30x30 Initiative

The League joins sporting-conservation groups in submitting recommendations to the Biden Administration “America the Beautiful” 30x30 initiative. In addition to its 100-year history of shaping national conservation policy, the Izaak Walton League continues to serve a unique role in promoting local community-based conservation and citizen science in the United States.

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