Non-Discrimination Policy

Equal Employment Opportunity

The IWLA is an equal opportunity employer.

Non-Discrimination Policy

The IWLA provides equal membership/employment/service opportunities to all eligible persons without regard to race, color, national origin, age, sex or disability.

Filing a Discrimination Complaint

Persons alleging discrimination by IWLA can file a complaint using the process below.

External Civil Rights Complaints

The following describes the process for the filing and processing of an external civil rights complaint with the Izaak Walton League of America, Inc. (IWLA) concerning alleged discrimination in its programs or activities based on race, color, national origin, age, sex or disability by the national IWLA.

Filing a complaint:
Not more than 180 calendar days following the alleged discrimination, submit a written complaint including the following:

1) Complainant contact information: Full name; date of birth; phone number; mailing address; and e-mail address, if available.

2) A written description of alleged discrimination: This should include date, time and location of the alleged violation; name(s) and contact information of any witness(es); and name and job title of the IWLA employee(s) alleged to have committed the violation, if available. A description of the alleged discriminatory act(s) should be of sufficient detail to enable IWLA to understand what occurred, when it occurred, and the basis for the alleged discrimination (race, color, national origin, sex, disability, age). Please be as specific as possible in describing the circumstances surrounding your complaint.

3) Relevant documents: Copies of any documents related to the complaint or its circumstances.

4) Complaints filed on behalf of a third party: If you are submitting a complaint on behalf of someone else and wish to receive information which relates to them or their complaint, you must provide express written consent from that individual authorizing the IWLA to share information with you about the complaint. You must also provide your name, organization (if any), and contact information.

Submit your complaint:
Submit your complaint to the Director of Finance using any of the following means:

United States Mail or private delivery service (i.e., UPS, Fed Ex):
Izaak Walton League of America
Attn.: Director of Finance
707 Conservation Lane
Gaithersburg, MD 20878

(301) 548-0149


Complaint Review Process

Upon receiving the complaint, the IWLA will notify the individual submitting it that it has been received.

The Director of Finance or his designee will conduct an investigation of the claims submitted within 180 days of the alleged discrimination. Complaints against the Director of Finance will be investigated by another member of the IWLA Senior Management Team.  An investigation can include, but is not limited to:

  • Reviewing materials submitted by the complainant
  • Conducting interviews with IWLA employee(s), the complainant, any witness(es), and others
  • Requesting additional information from the complainant
  • Convening a meeting with the complainant, relevant IWLA employee(s), and others to discuss the specific complaint and potential remedies, as applicable

Not later than 60 calendar days following receipt of the complaint, the Director of Finance or his designee shall issue a decision on the complaint. That decision shall be communicated to the complainant in writing.

If the compliant is substantiated, the Director of Finance or his designee shall detail the remedial action to be taken by IWLA including, but not limited to:

  • Directly providing service(s) that were denied or arranging for services to be provided if IWLA no longer provides the service(s)
  • Taking appropriate disciplinary action against the IWLA employee(s) found to have violated protected civil rights
  • Recommending internal procedural, policy, or other changes designed to reduce the likelihood of a similar violation in the future

Adopted June 2016