Award Winners 2022

2022 National Awards (for efforts in 2021)

54 Founders Award

Considered the League's highest honor, this award is bestowed to an individual or organization for outstanding contributions to the conservation of America's natural resources.

Miles Greenbaum of the Rockville Chapter (Maryland)

Hall of Fame Award

Recognizes a member’s outstanding accomplishments in furthering the mission and goals of the League.

Stephen and Betty Castner of the Lake Keuka Chapter (New York)

Conservation Awards

Recognizes member contributions to conservation in the name of the League. 

Mike Delaney of the Des Moines and Panora Conservation chapters (Iowa)

Dean Farr of the Illinois Division

Annette Hansen of the Porter County Chapter (Indiana)

Andrew McKay of the Sioux Falls Chapter (South Dakota)

Neil Mittelberg of the Linn County Chapter (Iowa)

Carla Morris of the Rockville Chapter (Maryland)

Kerry Peterson of the Des Moines Chapter (Iowa)

Bobby Schroader of the Porter County Chapter (Indiana)

Cherry Schwartz of the Owatonna Chapter (Minnesota)

Cindy Stevens of the Rockville Chapter (Maryland)

Suzanne Sullivan of the Mid-Shore Chapter (Maryland)

Save Our Streams Awards

Recognizes outstanding work in environmental education and citizen activism for clean water.

Susan Heathcote of the Des Moines Chapter (Iowa)

Philip Langner of the Sioux Falls Chapter (South Dakota)

Tom Lenhart of the Monongalia County Chapter (West Virginia)

Thelma "Pete" Reed Award

Recognizes the member who has volunteered in many conservation projects, educational efforts, community service, or chapter leadership development, and is not serving as a national leader of the League but is considered an “up and coming” future League leader.

Hilaria Swisher of the Monongalia County Chapter (West Virginia)

Shooting Sports Awards

Presented to individuals, groups, or organizations judged to have done outstanding work to promote shooting sports.

Stan Bonjour of the Southwestern Wisconsin Chapter (Wisconsin)

Ed MacBride of the Alexandria Chapter (Virginia)

Outdoor Ethics Awards

Presented to individuals, groups, or organizations judged to have done outstanding work in outdoor ethics.

Gerald Crowell of the Winchester Chapter (Virginia)

Bob Quinn of Iowa

Honor Roll Awards

Recognizes outstanding accomplishments in conservation, public education, and/or publicity in keeping with the League’s goals by an individual or organization.

Andie Jahnz-Davis of the Michigan City Sustainability Commission (Indiana)

Griffieon Family Farm of Iowa

Wells Fargo Green Team

Wildlife Prairie Park of Illinois

Chapter and Division Awards

James Lawton Childs Awards

Recognizes chapter accomplishments in conservation.

Rockville Chapter (Maryland)

Robert C. O’Hair Award

Recognizes outstanding chapter youth programs.

Winchester Chapter (Virginia)

Best Chapter Newsletter Awards

Based on appearance, originality, timeliness, and news coverage, including national and state news and community conservation.

  • Under 500 members: Blue Heron Times, Suffolk-Nansemond Chapter (Virginia)
  • Over 500 members: Arlington-Fairfax Chapter Newsletter, Arlington-Fairfax Chapter (Virginia)

Best Chapter and Division Website Award

Based on appearance, originality, and news coverage.

Winchester Chapter (Virginia)

Illinois Division

John C. Gregory Award

For the division with the overall highest numerical increase in members.

Iowa Division, increase of 389 members

Best Chapter Membership Recruitment and Retention Award

For the chapter that carried out the most effective membership recruitment and retention program.

Linn County Chapter (Iowa)

Membership Achievement Award

For the chapters with the greatest numerical increase and percentage increase in members.

  • Greatest percent increase: Alexandria Chapter (Indiana), increase of 127 percent
  • Greatest numerical increase: Dragoon Trail Chapter (Iowa), increase of 183 members

Membership Merit Awards

Recognize membership growth based on chapter size.

For the chapter with 50 and under members with both the greatest percent increase and net gain: Louisa County Chapter (Iowa)

For the chapter with 51 to 250 members with the greatest percent increase: Alexandria Chapter (Indiana)

For the chapter with 51 to 250 members with the greatest net gain: Spring Lake Chapter (Indiana)

For the chapter with 251 to 500 members with the greatest percent increase: St. Joseph County Chapter (Indiana)

For the chapter with 251 to 500 members with the greatest net gain: Christiansburg-Montgomery Chapter (Virginia)

For the chapter with 501 and more members with both the greatest percent increase and net gain: Dragoon Trail Chapter (Iowa)

110-Percent Growth Awards

Further recognizes the chapters that grew by 10 percent or more in 2021.

  • Florida: Cypress and Mangrove
  • Georgia: Greater Atlanta
  • Idaho: Caldwell
  • Illinois: Woodford County
  • Indiana: Alexandria, Howard County, Huntington County, Miami, Michigan City #7, Miller, Spring Lake, St. Joseph County and Wabash
  • Iowa: Ding Darling, Dragoon Trail, East Fork, Grundy-Tama, Linn County, Louisa County, Maquoketa Valley, Marshall County, Red Cedar, Rice Lake, Sabula, Waterloo, and West Central
  • Maryland: Mid-Shore and Rockville
  • Michigan: Dwight Lydell
  • Minnesota: Will Dilg
  • Nebraska: Arapahoe, Crete, Fremont, and Seward County
  • New York: Lake Keuka
  • North Carolina: White Oak River
  • North Dakota: St. John #1
  • Ohio: Buckeye State Youth, Fremont, Headwaters, Lawrence County and Martin L. Davey
  • Pennsylvania: Allegheny County and Lancaster Red Rose
  • South Dakota: Madison #16, Rapid City, Sioux Falls, and Yankton Area
  • Virginia: Arlington-Fairfax Juniors, Christiansburg-Montgomery, Prince William, Roanoke Valley, and Suffolk-Nansemond
  • West Virginia: Monongalia County and Tucker
  • Wisconsin: Beloit, Brown County, and Watertown

Defenders Chapter Achievement Awards

This year, 41 League chapters were honored with a Defenders Chapter Achievement Award for their contributions to the League’s mission through their successful programs promoting membership, education, conservation, youth involvement, community outreach, and the principles of philanthropy.

  • Arlington-Fairfax (Virginia)
  • Austin (Minnesota)
  • Berkeley County (West Virginia)
  • Bill Cook* (Wisconsin)
  • Brown County (Wisconsin)
  • Bush Lake (Minnesota)
  • Cass County (Minnesota)
  • Central New York (New York)
  • Des Moines (Iowa)
  • Dwight Lydell* (Michigan)
  • Elgin (Illinois)
  • Frederick #1 (Maryland)
  • Fredericksburg-Rappahannock (Virginia)
  • Grand Island (Nebraska)
  • Hamilton (Ohio)
  • Kampeska (South Dakota)
  • Lincoln (Nebraska)
  • Linn County (Iowa)
  • Lois Green-Sligo (Maryland)
  • Loudoun County (Virginia)
  • McCook Lake (South Dakota)
  • Mid-Shore (Maryland)
  • Minnesota Valley (Minnesota)
  • Mountaineer (West Virginia)
  • New London (Minnesota)
  • New Ulm #79 (Minnesota)
  • Owatonna (Minnesota)
  • Rochester (Minnesota)
  • Rockville (Maryland)
  • Sioux Falls (South Dakota)
  • Sunshine (South Dakota)
  • Tiffin-Seneca County* (Ohio)
  • W.J. McCabe (Minnesota)
  • Walter J. Breckenridge (Minnesota)
  • Warren County (Iowa)
  • Warren County (Virginia)
  • Wayne County* (Ohio)
  • Wes Libby - Northern Lakes (Minnesota)
  • Wildlife Achievement (Maryland)
  • Will Dilg (Minnesota)
  • York #67 (Pennsylvania)

* 20th consecutive year!