Clean Water Workshops

Online Trainings

Want to become a certified Save Our Streams monitor? Now you can start the certification process from the comfort of home with our online interactive webinars! Simply watch the video versions of our in-person training lectures: Introduction to Water Quality and Introduction to Macroinvertebrates.

Once you have watched both of these webinars and passed the initial Macroinvertebrate Identification exam, you will be ready for a half-day field event. During these field events* we will review the monitoring protocol, give you an opportunity to practice on your own, and provide the final protocol exam. Earn a passing grade on that second exam, and you are an official certified stream monitor!

Find out more and begin your certification journey!

*Due to ongoing travel and gathering restrictions, we cannot confirm dates for the field days at this time, but we expect to begin hosting these field days in the fall. In addition, at this time we will only be able to offer field days in states and regions with active staff and volunteer trainer presence. As such, we expect field days to be offered in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Indiana, and Ohio.

In-Person Trainings

Workshop Descriptions

Save Our Streams workshops offer hands-on training for water quality monitoring, including biological, chemical, and physical stream assessments. Participants also learn to assess stream habitat and watershed land uses. You'll leave this workshop fully equipped to assess water quality – and take steps to fix it!

Upcoming Workshops

We offer workshops in the spring and fall. Right now, we're planning for the upcoming season. Get notified when we're coming to a stream near you.

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Help us plan our next training season. Gather a group of friends and invite us to your town.

Meet the Trainers

Trainers are assigned based on geographical area and availability. But no matter who leads your workshop, we're sure you won't be disappointed! Learn more about our trainers.

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