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Season 7 of Salt Watch is here! Although road salt is (typically) only applied during the winter months, chloride pollution lingers and has year-round impacts within our waterways and environment. You can help uncover these impacts by getting involved in Salt Watch right now! This season, we’ll have stories from superstar volunteers, updates on state salt reduction bills, applicator training workshops, and another round of our popular “paint the plow” event.

Below, explore the interactive map of Season 7 results coming in from all over the United States. Click on any dot to see more data. Then, explore more results from previous years.

Season 6 may be ending, but road salt can be even more of a problem for streams in the summer. Help us learn more about how aquatic life is affected by high chloride levels and warm weather. Get your Salt Watch test kit now.

Salt Watchers of the Month

November 2023 Salt Watchers of the Month

November 2023: Tracy Arnold, Dan O'Connell, and Jen McNelly (WI)

Calvin Dickens

December 2023: Calvin Dickens (VA)

Julie O'Leary

January 2024: Julie O'Leary (MN)

Dr. Brienne May’s 5th grade class

February 2024: Dr. Brienne May's fifth-grade class (PA)

Steve Meyer and Chris Barrett

March 2024: Steve Meyer and Chris Barrett (MD)

Caroline Beardsley's 7th grade science students

April 2024: Caroline Beardsley's seventh-grade science students (CT)

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