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Season 6 of Salt Watch is here! As the Salt Watch community science program spreads across the country, it's also expanding around the year.

Season 6 kicked off in July 2022, and volunteer scientists immediately got to work, submitting findings from Connecticut, Virginia, Michigan and other states. By late December, volunteers had completed 45 percent more chloride tests than at the same time last year.

By mid-January 2023, clean water advocates in 25 states were pledging to take action on excessive use of road salt. This word cloud reflects the commitments of hundreds of volunteers! (Click for larger version.)

Salt Watch word cloud January 2023

Below, explore the interactive map of Season 6 results coming in from all over the United States. Click on any dot to see more data. Then, explore more results from previous years.

Season 6 may be ending, but road salt can be even more of a problem for streams in the summer. Help us learn more about how aquatic life is affected by high chloride levels and warm weather. Get your Salt Watch test kit now.

Salt Watchers of the Month

Kaitlyn Royal

October 2022: Kaitlyn Royal (PA)

Gary Bangs

December 2022: Gary Bangs (VA)

Emily Bialowas and Rebecca Shoer

January 2023: Emily Bialowas and Rebecca Shoer (MA)

Marialuna Schreiner Cintrón

February 2023: Marialuna Schreiner Cintrón (KS)

Gregg Thompson

March 2023: Gregg Thompson (MN)

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