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You don’t have to be an expert to help reduce salt pollution in America’s streams and drinking water. But by the end of this quick quiz, you’ll know more about this serious, but often overlooked problem. And it’s easy to get started in this unique Izaak Walton League program.

Applying salt and other chemicals to roads, sidewalks or parking lots can keep us safe during the winter. But it can be too much of good thing. Test your awareness about treating icy surfaces and why it matters.

1. Let's say you want to use salt-based de-icer for a 20-foot driveway. How much should you use?


2. Okay, you have salted a driveway. What should you do next?


3. What's the big deal about salt anyway?


4. How much salt is used each year to treat ice in the United States?


5. What happens to salt after a storm?


6. What should you do if you see evidence of overuse, like piles of salt on the road?


7. How can you help reduce salt use in your community?


8. How can you know if excessive salting is a problem in your community?


Why It Matters

Excessive amounts of chloride can enter streams, harming aquatic life, and eventually find its way into drinking water, which can harm human health. More than 118 million Americans depend on local streams for drinking water.

Some products marketed as pet-friendly are primarily chloride- or salt-based and can still cause harm.

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