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Nitrate (NO3-) is a naturally occurring compound made up of nitrogen and oxygen. Nitrogen is an essential nutrient for plant growth, but human activities produce more nitrogen than natural systems can use.

Fertilizers, manure and sewage all add extra nitrogen to the landscape. As this nitrogen moves through the environment, it becomes nitrate. The nitrate can then make its way to streams and sources of drinking water via surface runoff or groundwater saturation. Excess nitrate in water can pose serious problems for the health of humans and the environment.

You can help.

Take the Nitrate Watch Pledge and we will send you a FREE kit containing everything you need to measure nitrate in your drinking water or local waterways. See what's in the kit.

NOTE: Our supply of free Nitrate Watch kits for individuals outside of Iowa has been disbursed.

If you are in Iowa: feel free to request a kit – thanks to some Iowa-specific funding, we have kits available specifically for Iowa residents.

If you are outside of Iowa: you may complete this form and be added to a waitlist.

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Coming Soon: Nitrate Watch!

This simple volunteer science project will help you see whether nitrate is polluting your waterways and creating health risks in your community. Join Nitrate Watch now and be the first to know when free test kits are available!

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