Salt Watch - Montgomery County, MD

Salt Watch – Montgomery County, MD

What is chloride pollution?

Road salt (sodium chloride) keeps us safe on roads and sidewalks, but too much can pose a threat to fish and wildlife as well as human health. Fish and bugs that live in freshwater streams can't survive in extra salty water. Many of us also depend on local streams for drinking water. Water treatment plants are not equipped to filter out the extra salt, so it can end up in your tap water and even corrode your pipes, potentially causing serious health concerns.

Join the Salt Watch

  1. Request your free kit by filling out the pledge to the right.

  2. Collect 4 chloride readings at your chosen stream site.

  3. Upload a photo of your test strip to our database.

  4. Share your findings with your community!

See the results from your community so far.

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Salt in the Community


How to be Salt Wise

Montgomery County has created a great video (above) about how to be more Salt Wise this winter! Learn more about how easy it is to Shovel, Sprinkle, and Sweep – easy as 1, 2, 3!

News from MDE

Shovel sprinkle sweep

Community and Events


Check back soon for more events!

Montgomery County Smart Salt Applicator Training – The Izaak Walton League of America (with support from Montgomery County DEP and the Chesapeake Bay Trust) is offering a virtual or in-person Smart Salting Training on October 3, 2024. This training will help contracted salt applicators learn how to save money and protect water resources by using less salt while keeping roads, parking lots, and sidewalks safe. The tons of salt used every year to manage snow and ice damages infrastructure and vegetation and pollutes our lakes, streams, and groundwater. Participating organizations have been able to reduce their salt use by 30 to 70%. While this training is FREE(!), spaces are limited, so register soon! Should you have any questions, please contact Izaak Walton League staff at

Do you have an event that you'd like Salt Watch Staff to present at and hand out Salt Watch kits and resources? If so, contact us at

Hand Out Flyers

Use these flyers (English - Spanish) to educate your neighbors about their home salt use.

Use these flyers (English - Spanish) to inform local businesses about the impact salt use in parking lots can have on water quality.

Download this pamphlet for more Montgomery-County-specific information.

Use this brochure in Spanish to educate your community about road salt pollution and what to do.

County Specifics

Montgomery County

How the Montgomery County Snow Removal Team Reduces Salt

  • Preventing ice pack with brine layer pretreatments before the storm

  • Calibrating tailgate spreader's electronic speed controls in all 10-ton and one-ton dump trucks

  • Conducting staff training days, including a friendly Snow Road-eo competition

  • Storing all loaded trucks under cover

  • Washing and cleaning all snow equipment indoors to prevent site runoff

Reporting Illicit Discharge

To report illegal spills, dumping, connections, or local emergencies related to the storm drain system or the sanitary sewer system, please contact one of the numbers listed below.

  • Report Illegal Dumping: Call 311

  • Emergency Spills: Call 911

  • Water or Sewer Line Breaks: 301-206-4002,

  • Spills in Montgomery County Information: Call 311, or report it online

Immediately report salt spills or oversalted streets:

  • County Streets: Call 311

  • State Roads: Call 1-800-543-2515

Who Salts Your Street?

Is your street salted by Montgomery County or by a private entity? Use the link below to find out! That way, you know who to call if you notice oversalting or a salt spill in your community.

Learn who salts your streets in Montgomery County.

Streams & Land in MoCo

What Are Stream Conditions in Montgomery County?

Ever wonder about stream health in Montgomery County? Look at the map below to find out how healthy the streams are near you!

Montgomery County stream health map

Land Use in Montgomery County

How is land used in Montgomery County? Look at the map below! How might developed areas with impervious surfaces impact streams with road salt pollution?

Montgomery County land use map

Chesapeake Bay TrustMontgomery County Department of Environmental Protection

Project funded by the Chesapeake Bay Trust Outreach and Restoration Grant in Partnership with Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection.

Salt Watch is a trademark of the Izaak Walton League of America.