Meet a Macro Quiz

You just met five common macroinvertebrates. Did you learn to recognize them? Take this quiz and find out if you're a Macro Master.

1. A little clump of gravel, twigs, sand, or leaf pieces is likely to be hiding a ______________.


2. When you see something shaped like a __________, you know you've found a black fly.


3. How do scuds move?


4. Why do you need to watch crane fly larvae carefully?


5. Where are a mayfly's gills?


If you got four or more answers correct on the first try, you're well on your way to learning how to do macroinvertebrate monitoring. Macroinvertebrate monitoring is a way of collecting macros from a stream, identifying what you found, and then using your observations to estimate how clean the stream is. It's a fun and powerful way to understand water quality in your community.

Kids - Rochester MN chapter

Anyone – from kids to seniors – can learn to do macro monitoring. Your journey has already begun.

Keep going!

Adults collecting aquatic macroinvertebrates