• Sigurd Olson in 1953 - credit USFWS

    Iconic Ikes: Sigurd Olson

    The Izaak Walton League's first century of conservation success was carried forward by committed heroes working together to defend America's natural resources. During our centennial celebrations, we're sharing their stories. First in our series of iconic Ikes: Sigurd Olson. Full story
  • Flooded area along the Missouri River - credit U.S. Air Force Tech Sgt Oscar Sanchez

    Troubles Plague the Mighty Missouri

    This year, the lower Missouri River ranked as the nation’s second most endangered river due to poor flood management and the effects of climate change. Elected officials need to know that people care about the health of the Missouri and our other critical waterways. Full story
  • Author monitoring water for microplastics - credit Sherri A. Mason

    Microplastics: Major Pollution

    Microplastics have invaded every corner of our environment: from the air we breathe to the water we drink to the soil, which is the living skin of our planet. We are all part of the problem of plastic pollution, but that means we are all part of the solution. Full story
  • Wetlands Reserve Program - credit USDA NRCS

    Will Congress Double Up for Conservation?

    Congress is considering the largest funding increase for farm and ranch conservation in two decades. The opportunity is too important to pass up. Full story
  • Doe and fawn SD by Dennis Larson, NRCS

    Increasing CRP Enrollment Good for Wildlife, Soil and Water

    Enrolling an additional one percent of our nation’s farmland in the Conservation Reserve Program would mean massive benefits for all Americans. Full story
  • Pollinators on milkweed - credit Benjamin Vogt

    How to Landscape for Wildlife with Native Plants

    A landscape full of native plants revives nature while connecting us more deeply to our place in the natural world. Full story
  • Denali National Park - Pixabay

    A Legacy of the Izaak Walton League: America's Most Successful Conservation Law (Outdoor America, 2021, Issue 2)

    From Denali National Park in Alaska to the Florida Everglades, the Land and Water Conservation Fund has helped preserve wild places for more than 50 years – and the Izaak Walton League played a key role in creating it. Full story
  • Green heron

    Saving Millions of Birds With One Bill

    The Recovering America’s Wildlife Act would give states the funding they need to protect wetlands and other crucial wildlife habitat. That could save hundreds of species of birds, plus thousands of other kinds of plants and animals. Full story
  • Ducks on a farm wetland

    See No Wetlands, Protect No Wetlands

    One easy fix to how wetlands are identified would ensure these vital natural resources get the protections they deserve – plus it would compensate farmers for being good stewards of their land and ensure taxpayers are funding responsible conservation instead of footing the bill for practices that damage our soil and water. Full story
  • Wetland in Washington State - credit David Mark, Pixabay

    This Simple Thing Is a Powerhouse in Combatting Climate Change

    Wetlands provide a long list of well-known benefits: They hold and store floodwaters, recharge groundwater, protect coastal areas, filter chemicals from our waters, provide food and habitat for fish and wildlife, and can provide forage for livestock in dry times. Wetlands also have a less well-known benefit: They combat climate change by storing vast amounts of carbon in their soggy soils. Full story

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