• Summer river - credit Paul Lepisto

    News from the Missouri River Initiative: August 2022

    This month on the Missouri River: more habitat for endangered fish, plans to tackle sedimentation problems in the reservoirs, and partnerships to protect grasslands. Full story
  • Izaak Walton League listening session in Des Moines - credit IWLA

    Outdoor Community Suggests Conservation Ideas for America's Farms

    How farmers and ranchers steward their land has far-reaching consequences for all Americans. The Izaak Walton League hosted listening sessions with hunters, anglers, conservationists and farmland owners to gather ideas on how farm conservation programs can be improved. Full story
  • Clean Water Hub - credit IWLA

    New Technology Helps Volunteer Scientists Protect Clean Water

    With modern technology, it's now possible for anyone to find out whether their local waterways are clean or dirty. The Izaak Walton League is at the forefront of making that data accessible. Full story
  • Boat ramp - credit Paul Lepisto

    News from the Missouri River Initiative: June 2022

    This month on the Missouri River: a successful outdoor festival, League advocacy for conservation and outdoor recreation, and a few reminders for your holiday weekend. Full story
  • Organic farm in Ohio - credit Scott Bauer, USDA NRCS

    Soil Health Partnerships Can Help Protect Our Food Supply

    The urgent need to regenerate soil will require government agencies working together with rural cooperatives, the private sector and our farmers and ranchers to ensure the future health of our soil and our food supply. The Izaak Walton League is working to build those partnerships. Full story
  • People fishing on the Missouri River - credit Paul Lepisto

    News from the Missouri River Initiative: May 2022

    This month on the Missouri River: popular events returned, a powerful storm struck, and we talked to kids about how they can get involved with protecting the environment. Full story
  • Hands holding soil - credit Duane Hovorka

    Take Action for Healthy Soil

    All across America, a growing number of farmers and ranchers are changing the way they produce our food. By scaling up these proven solutions, we can protect our food supply, make our waters swimmable and fishable again, cool global warming, and support prosperous rural communities. Full story
  • Gene Stratton-Porter - credit IWLA

    Iconic Ikes: Gene Stratton-Porter

    The Izaak Walton League's first century of conservation success was carried forward by committed heroes working together to defend America's natural resources. During our centennial celebrations, we're sharing their stories. Third in our series of iconic Ikes: Gene Stratton-Porter, an early leader who lent her skills and fame to conservation. Full story
  • Sustainable city - credit Pixabay

    5 Important Takeaways from the New UN Climate Report

    The latest assessment from UN scientists leaves no doubt that the situation is serious – but it also shows many ways that we can address the problem while securing additional benefits for people and the environment. We’ve rounded up five inspiring opportunities for action. Full story
  • Bumblebee on native asters - credit Janette Rosenbaum

    Native Plants Combat Icy Sidewalks and Sterile Landscaping

    A self-professed “nature lover,” Rachel Hopp had noticed fewer birds, butterflies and lightning bugs in her Gaithersburg, Md., neighborhood. But it was an icy sidewalk that ultimately launched her into community-based conservation. Full story

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