• white house_credit Matt Wade

    Further Details of President's 2020 Budget Released

    New information about the proposed 2020 federal budget shows that the Department of the Interior, Department of Agriculture, and Environmental Protection Agency would all lose funding for conservation programs. Full story
  • Sioux Empire Water Festival 2019

    Ikes Dive Into Sioux Falls Water Festival

    Members of the League’s Sioux Falls Chapter and national staff talked with youth about water quality and the importance of protecting water resources – for people as well as fish and wildlife. Full story
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    President’s Budget Would Cut Conservation

    The proposed federal budget for Fiscal Year 2020 would sharply decrease funding for farm conservation programs and other environmental initiatives. Full story
  • Iowa protests

    Ikes Join Protest at Iowa Statehouse to Stop Bad Legislation

    Ikes and allies gathered at Iowa's Capitol to protest a bill that would have made it more difficult for the state to add new public lands to its roster. Full story
  • Wetland drainage on an agriculture field. Credit: USFWS.

    League Tells USDA to Withdraw Swampbuster Rule

    The League urges USDA to withdraw a troubled interim Swampbuster rule and replace it with one that accurately identifies wetlands, including seasonal wetlands. Full story
  • Sediment_Tim McCabe USDA-NRCS

    Water Pollution in Iowa Impacts Dead Zone, Public Health

    One statistic you likely won’t hear from Iowa agriculture boosters is the state's ranking as a leading contributor to hypoxia in the Gulf of Mexico – commonly referred to as the “dead zone.” Full story
  • marsh Tangier Island_credit Chesapeake Bay Progrogram

    The Trickledown Effect: How government shutdowns affect Chesapeake Bay health

    With another government shutdown looming at the end of this week, it’s important to reflect on ways the earlier shutdown affected the Chesapeake Bay and water quality throughout the country. Full story
  • U.S. Capitol dome in snow. Credit: Architect of the U.S. Capitol.

    New Congress Organizes To Implement Farm Bill

    ​The new Congress convened on January 3rd. House committees will see more leadership changes and more new faces than will Senate committees. As Agriculture and Appropriations Committees work to implement the new Farm Bill and fund Farm Bill programs, we need you to tell your members of Congress that conservation should be a priority. Full story
  • mallard hen in Prairie Pothole Region of North Dakota

    Sportsmen and Women Know Prairie Potholes Too

    President Trump gave a speech in which he said he doesn't know what a prairie pothole is but "it sounds bad.” What sounds bad is the president yanking away wetland protections with no understanding of the irreplaceable role wetlands play in the lives of every American. Full story
  • Salt truck image. Credit: iStock.

    Road Salt and Stream Health

    As the days get colder, many of us might think it’s time to put stream monitoring on hold until spring. But there is still work to be done! Each season presents specific threats to stream health. In winter, road salt can cause serious damage to water quality. That's why the League created the Winter Salt Watch campaign – to help volunteers measure salt levels in local streams and alert local agencies when they spot a problem. Full story