• Ducks on a farm wetland

    See No Wetlands, Protect No Wetlands

    One easy fix to how wetlands are identified would ensure these vital natural resources get the protections they deserve – plus it would compensate farmers for being good stewards of their land and ensure taxpayers are funding responsible conservation instead of footing the bill for practices that damage our soil and water. Full story
  • Wetland in Washington State - credit David Mark, Pixabay

    This Simple Thing Is a Powerhouse in Combatting Climate Change

    Wetlands provide a long list of well-known benefits: They hold and store floodwaters, recharge groundwater, protect coastal areas, filter chemicals from our waters, provide food and habitat for fish and wildlife, and can provide forage for livestock in dry times. Wetlands also have a less well-known benefit: They combat climate change by storing vast amounts of carbon in their soggy soils. Full story
  • Wetland in Wisconsin

    How the Meaning of a Word Can Make You Sick

    EPA has changed the definition of the word "wetland" – and that's bad for your health. Full story
  • CRP in Wisconsin - credit Bob Nichols, NRCS

    Congress Considers Climate Change and Agriculture

    The House and Senate Agriculture Committees heard from 10 panelists about the role agriculture can play in combatting climate change. Committee members agreed on the solutions we need – and they agreed we must take action now. Full story
  • Glass of water - credit Pexels

    The Cancer Risk of Nitrate Pollution

    The League promotes healthy soil practices, agricultural buffers and water-filtering wetlands to improve water safety. Learn more in an excerpt from "Outdoor America" magazine. Full story
  • Keith Badger

    Soil Health Yields Rewards for Farmers and Community

    American farms are losing topsoil at an unsustainable rate. But farmers like Keith Badger are reversing the problem with practices that are profitable as well as regenerative. Full story
  • Arctic National Wildlife Refuge - credit Mason Cummings

    Protecting Our Wildest Refuge

    The Arctic Refuge is already being devastated by climate change, and proposed oil drilling would only exacerbate the problem. Learn more in an excerpt from "Outdoor America" magazine. Full story
  • Solar panels at sunset

    The One Thing Most Americans Agree On

    Even in these divisive times, the consensus around climate change is stronger than ever. Large majorities of Americans agree that it’s real, we’re causing it and we should do something about it. Confronting and overcoming the climate crisis won’t be easy. But the League, with its hundred-year history of jumping into and sticking with long and difficult fights, is perfectly positioned to rise to that challenge. Full story
  • Think Water in America Is Clean? That's a Mistake

    Fifty years ago, when water pollution was easy to see and impossible to ignore, people all over America came together to protect our streams, lakes and wetlands. Now, as water pollution has become less visible but no less dangerous, bipartisan action to protect our vital natural resources is disappearing entirely. The League is working to bring back common-sense conservation and eliminate water pollution forever. Full story
  • Buffer strip - Lynn Betts, NRCS

    League Gets Partial Win on CRP

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture has partially restored incentive payments for landowners who enroll in Continuous Conservation Reserve Program contracts, after having slashed those incentives earlier this year. Full story