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  • Think Water in America Is Clean? That's a Mistake

    Fifty years ago, when water pollution was easy to see and impossible to ignore, people all over America came together to protect our streams, lakes and wetlands. Now, as water pollution has become less visible but no less dangerous, bipartisan action to protect our vital natural resources is disappearing entirely. The League is working to bring back common-sense conservation and eliminate water pollution forever. Full story
  • Buffer strip - Lynn Betts, NRCS

    League Gets Partial Win on CRP

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture has partially restored incentive payments for landowners who enroll in Continuous Conservation Reserve Program contracts, after having slashed those incentives earlier this year. Full story
  • U.S. Capitol in spring - credit Architect of the Capitol

    This is the Only Kind of Dirty Politics the League Will Ever Engage In

    For nearly 100 years, the League has worked with people and politicians of all ideologies to make meaningful progress on conservation priorities. We intend to continue doing that in 2021. But when it comes to soil health programs, we’re playing dirty… in the most productive way. Full story
  • U.S. Capitol dome in snow. Credit: Architect of the U.S. Capitol.

    Four Ways to Protect American Icons

    As a new presidential administration and a new Congress stride into Washington, the first 100 days of our leaders’ terms present exciting opportunities for progress. Here are four ways legislators can take quick action to protect iconic American landscapes (and how you can help). Full story
  • Farmer holding handful of soil

    Steve Reimer: Soil Health Yields Multiple Benefits

    South Dakota farmers Steve and Elaine Reimer focused on rebuilding the army of microbes that make their soil healthy. The result has been reduced erosion, increased yields and more carbon stored in their soil. Full story
  • Buffer strip - Lynn Betts, NRCS

    CRP Enrollment Falls for 13th Straight Year

    Enrollment in the Conservation Reserve Program has fallen for the 13th straight year, leaving the program’s benefits for soil, water and wildlife at risk. Full story
  • Starkey Farms: Storing Carbon, Saving Money

    By restoring the health of the soil on their Indiana farm, Mike Starkey and his family have been sequestering carbon and saving money on equipment, fertilizer and pesticides – all while reducing polluted runoff into nearby streams. Full story
  • Volunteer water guardians

    Seven Stories from our Volunteer Water Guardians

    Volunteers all across America are stepping up to protect water quality in their communities. Here are just seven stories about how they're making a difference. Full story
  • Seth Watkins farm tour

    Seth Watkins: Farming for Healthy Soil and Clean Water

    Seth Watkins says his Iowa farm “did not become profitable until we shifted our focus from production to stewardship. Once we did that, other things just fell into place.” Learn how Watkins’ soil health strategy eliminated soil erosion, put carbon into the soil and provided habitat for abundant wildlife, all while boosting his farm’s profitability. Full story
  • Save Our Streams online training

    How COVID-19 Is Threatening Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring – and What We’re Doing About It

    When a global health crisis threatened our work to protect clean water across America, we sprang into action. Now, you can join our nationwide stream team more easily than ever. Full story


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