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  • Vincent at the science fair

    This Fifth-Grader Is Making Important Discoveries About Salt Pollution

    Scientists know that salt pollution causes lots of problems for the environment and for human health. They also know there are always more opportunities for research. Meet a fifth-grader in Minnesota who’s contributing to that field of knowledge. Full story
  • Upper Mississippi National Wildlife and Fish Refuge - credit Gary J. Wege

    The Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge: Forged by the Izaak Walton League

    The early history of the Upper Mississippi National Wildlife and Fish Refuge and the pivotal role of Izaak Walton League founder Will Dilg. Full story
  • Oahe Tailrace engulfed by wildfire smoke - credit Paul Lepisto

    News from the Missouri River Initiative: July 2023

    This month on the Missouri River: volunteers clean up 2,830 pounds of trash and the League secures funding for crucial conservation work, while challenges continue to mount with the ongoing spread of zebra mussels. Full story
  • River overlook - credit Paul Lepisto

    News from the Missouri River Initiative: June 2023

    This month on the Missouri River: basin states deal with the consequences of both drought and flood, while the League comments on mining proposals, cleans up litter, and helps anglers be responsible stewards of the environment. Full story
  • Farm landscape - credit David Mark, Pixabay

    Got Clean Water? Demand Better Farm Policies

    More than 50 years after Congress passed the Clean Water Act with a goal of making all of our waters swimmable and fishable again, more than half of our waterways remain polluted. The largest source of that pollution is water running off farms carrying fertilizer, pesticides, soil and manure. Fortunately, there are solutions. Read more from our "Outdoor America" magazine. Full story
  • Calm river - credit Paul Lepisto

    News from the Missouri River Initiative: May 2023

    This month on the Missouri River: an important win, a serious defeat, and lots of other news. Full story
  • Pintail drake taking flight - credit USFWS

    Protecting America's Wetlands: 2023 Farm Bill Must Be a Wetlands Bill

    America’s wetlands provide huge benefits for all of us, but they face a difficult future. Drafting and passing the 2023 Farm Bill in Congress is a big opportunity to restore and protect wetlands that filter polluted runoff, recharge groundwater and provide habitat for fish and wildlife. The League is pushing for critical wins to protect what is left of our vital wetlands. Full story
  • Bridge on the Missouri River - credit Paul Lepisto

    News from the Missouri River Initiative: April 2023

    This month on the Missouri River: we collaborate with partner groups to build a better Farm Bill, look forward to upcoming outdoor events, and submit a slew of comment letters. Full story
  • Aldo Leopold - credit Bob McCabe

    Iconic Ikes: Aldo Leopold

    The Izaak Walton League's first century of conservation success was carried forward by committed heroes working together to defend America's natural resources. During our centennial celebrations, we're sharing their stories. Fifth in our series of iconic Ikes: Aldo Leopold, whose insights and leadership had a profound impact on the League and on conservation history. Full story
  • Missouri River - credit Travel Montana

    Chloride Crisis: My Journey of Learning

    When high school student Marialuna Schreiner Cintrón found out that road salt poisons creeks and waterways, she couldn’t stop thinking: “Who will do something?” Far from being mired in crisis, Marialuna set out to find solutions. The journey led to surprising discoveries about road salt, science, and the power of one person. Full story


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