Clean water, sustainable agriculture, climate solutions, and more topics related to protecting America's outdoors.

  • Young girl with Salt Watch materials

    Winter Salt Watch Turns Young Scientists Into Conservationists

    Jeff Witters and his environmental science students noticed that a lot of salt was being spread around their town in Kansas, so they set out to investigate what that salt was doing to local streams. The results of the project went far beyond adding data to a map. Full story
  • More Americans are feeling the impact of climate change closer to home - credit Shutterstock

    Climate Change in Our Back Yards

    Climate change is happening all around us – in our back yards, farms, towns, shorelines, lakes and rivers. With the impacts now rippling through so much of our lives, it's worth a close look at the cascading effects. Full story
  • Ginny Thrasher

    Young Champions Aim to Inspire

    Izaak Walton League ranges provide a fun and safe place to engage in recreational shooting sports... or to train for elite competitions. Meet three world-class sports shooters who got their start at League chapters. Full story
  • Single purple martin - credit Mike Bishop

    Purple Martins: A Species that Depends on People

    Due to loss of habitat and competition for nesting sites from invasive bird species, the Eastern purple martin prefers human-erected housing. That leaves its fate in the hands of a small number of humans, mostly volunteers. Full story
  • Mark Trail takes a selfie in the wild - credit King Features Syndicate

    Mark Trail Goes Millennial

    Like conservation broadly, "Mark Trail" is keeping up with the times. While the comic features fictional characters, the topics it tackles are very real. "Outdoor America" was able to wrangle an exclusive and perhaps first-ever interview with Mr. Trail himself. Full story
  • Rock Creek

    “Disturbingly High” Salt Levels In Philadelphia-Area Stream Lead to Alarm – and Action

    “We thought the monitoring of chloride was enough,” says Salt Watcher Geoffrey Selling. “We are now sufficiently troubled that we want and intend to ‘do’ something.” Full story
  • Sigurd Olson in 1953 - credit USFWS

    Iconic Ikes: Sigurd Olson

    The Izaak Walton League's first century of conservation success was carried forward by committed heroes working together to defend America's natural resources. During our centennial celebrations, we're sharing their stories. First in our series of iconic Ikes: Sigurd Olson. Full story
  • Flooded area along the Missouri River - credit U.S. Air Force Tech Sgt Oscar Sanchez

    Troubles Plague the Mighty Missouri

    This year, the lower Missouri River ranked as the nation’s second most endangered river due to poor flood management and the effects of climate change. Elected officials need to know that people care about the health of the Missouri and our other critical waterways. Full story
  • Author monitoring water for microplastics - credit Sherri A. Mason

    Microplastics: Major Pollution

    Microplastics have invaded every corner of our environment: from the air we breathe to the water we drink to the soil, which is the living skin of our planet. We are all part of the problem of plastic pollution, but that means we are all part of the solution. Full story
  • Wetlands Reserve Program - credit USDA NRCS

    Will Congress Double Up for Conservation?

    Congress is considering the largest funding increase for farm and ranch conservation in two decades. The opportunity is too important to pass up. Full story


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