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  • Rainwater Basin NWR_credit USFWS_sm

    Protecting America’s Dwindling Wetlands

    Right now is a critical time for America's wetlands, which provide irreplaceable values for wildlife habitat, recharge groundwater, and filter runoff before it hits our streams and rivers. Full story
  • Salt Watch 1

    Warming Weather Increases Chloride Threat

    The last thing on my mind during February's unseasonably warm days was road salt – that is, until the League launched our Winter Salt Watch. It turns out that the threat to water quality from excess road salt is highest after the weather warms up! Full story
  • Chris Henning

    Looking for a “Good Driver Discount” for Farmers

    The League has proposed a pilot federal program to offer crop insur­ance discounts to farmers who adopt some combination of practices that will build soil health, including plant­ing cover crops, using more diverse crop rotations, and converting to “no tillage” methods that protect the soil. Full story
  • Anacostia River pollution_credit Chesapeake Bay Prog

    A Forgotten River

    Rivers were a source of water, habitat, and transportation during the country’s beginnings, but expanding populations and land use decisions caused harmed. But that was in the past, and times are beginning to change. Full story
  • PBIWLEvent-10

    The Power of Partnerships

    The Clean Water Challenge is more than a single event – it is a campaign to connect with community partners, cultivate new relationships, and strengthen our national network of community scientists and advocates. Full story
  • boys fishing_sm

    Fishing and Clean Water: What We Can Learn From Our Founding Ikes

    Our waters may not be as pristine as they once were, but the fish are always biting. Who do I have to thank for these bountiful fish populations? Well, in part I owe thanks to our founding Ikes. Full story
  • chloride monitoring 1

    Tracking Salt Levels in Our Streams

    Something most people probably aren’t thinking about during these deep freezes is the threats posed to water quality and stream health. Every stream or river located near a roadway is at risk for chloride concentration increases due to road salts. Full story
  • Will Dilg chapter (1)

    Updates on Winter Stream Stewardship Projects

    Stream stewardship does not stop with cold weather! There are many ways you can monitor water health and help your community, including Winter Salt Watch and Stream Selfies! Full story
  • Winter stream monitoring

    Diving in with Winter Monitoring

    My very first volunteer stream monitoring experience was in the peak of winter with a group of extremely dedicated volunteers. How bad could it be? Famous last question! Full story
  • Boy shoveling snow. Credit David Gutierrez.

    Alternatives to Road Salts for Safe Winter Driving

    We haven’t found the perfect solution for reducing snow and ice on roadways while also protecting natural resources. However, several techniques reduce impacts on the environment and reuse materials that would otherwise go into landfills and water treatment plants. Full story


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