Annual Report

Want to know more about what the Izaak Walton League has accomplished lately? Read our Annual Report for 2018. (The update for 2019 is coming soon!)

Looking for our financial statements? Our Audited Financial Statements were prepared and certified by a certified public accountant and meet the requirements of the U.S. Generally Accepted Account Principles (GAAP).

We wish to thank all of you whose contributions, financial and volunteer time, helped to protect America’s outdoors. Due to space limitations, we could not list everyone whose generosity and commitment helped us meet our goals.

Individual Philanthropy

Richard Rawley±

The Palmer and June Peterson Family Charitable Fund

Bill and Vicki Arnold
The Bryant Crane Charitable Fund
Michael Hassert
Dr. Howard and Brenda Sheridan
Joan Strimple 
Charles± and Leila Wiles

Megan Carter
Michael Chenoweth
Michael and Karen Crane
Donald Freeman
Scott Kovarovics
Jodi Labs
Scott Meyer
Les Monostory

William deCamp
Donald Janes
Timothy Reid±
John Snyder
Rick Sommer
Cynthia Wesson

± Deceased

Partners in Outdoor America’s Future

(Members who make a five-year commitment to support the League’s national programs with an annual gift.)

$1,000+ Defender
Bill and Vicki Arnold
Kurt and Sharon Feldmann
Gene Foster
Judy Danish and Miles Greenbaum
IWLA Lincoln Chapter
IWLA Maryland Division
Bill Kelly
Dave Klinner
Jodi Labs
Jim Madsen
Rick Sommer
Joan Strimple
Jim Sweeney

$600-$999 Conservator
Bill Briney
Bob and Glenda Chapman
Alex Jerabek
George and Irene Jones
Scott and Susan Kovarovics
Jim Piateski
Anita Stonebraker
Jim Sweeney
IWLA Roanoke Valley Chapter
IWLA Rockville Chapter
$400-$599 Advocate        
Char Brooker
Donald Cahoon
Shawn and Donna Gallagher
Phil Hegg
IWLA Kampeska Chapter
IWLA Sioux Falls Chapter
IWLA Wisconsin Division
Gary and Marion Meade
Tom Perazella
Cynthia Wesson
$200-$399 Steward 
Harold Branch
David Fulford
Mike Gaghagen
Rick and Elaine Graham
Thomas Holm
Charles and Nancy Huber
IWLA Brown County Chapter
IWLA Dwight Lydell Chapter 
IWLA Emmet County Chapter
IWLA Grand Island Chapter
IWLA Martin L. Davey Chapter
IWLA Mountaineer Chapter
IWLA Ohio Division
IWLA Rockville Chapter
IWLA South Dakota Division
IWLA Southwestern Wisconsin Chapter
George and Irene Jones
Larry Kieft
Robert Langrehr
Jim Lopinski
Gary Meade
Robert Pavlick
William Roberts
Liz Roy
Elisabeth Wells
Benjamin Williams
Dawn Wilson and Dave Hardy

Friends of IWLA

(Members who make a monthly commitment to support the League’s national programs with a pledge of $10 or more paid automatically each month.)

Wayne Berkebile
Sharon Betts
Gale Brothers
Curtis Harrenstein
Jeffrey Johnston
Dennis L. Kellogg
Marc Lewis
Walter Newkirk
Liz Roy
Thomas Stonesifer
Michael Wagner

Waltonian Heritage Society

(* indicates continuing support of the IWL Trust by an WHS member)

IWLA Maryland Division*
Joan Strimple*

New Life Members

A special thanks to those who made a commitment to the League as Life Members.

Life Benefactor
Mark Sorensen
Charles Volstad

Family Life
Tim Garrity

Vernon Gregory
Jay Grimsley
Allen Harves
Paul Kreingold
Neil Lockwood
Hunter McIntosh
Pamela Meara
Anthony Mulder
Kaleb Siekmeier
Charles Stoneback

Institutional Supporters

(*Indicates a multiyear commitment, grant spanning between two fiscal years, or pledge from the donor, which is listed in the category representing the total amount pledged or contributed.)

Gifts of $100,000 or more
Walton Family Foundation

Gifts of $50,000 or more
Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay
Gifts of $25,000 or more
Gilchrist Foundation
IWLA Endowment

Gifts of $10,000 or more
Chesapeake Conservancy

Gifts of $10,000 or more
IWLA Iowa Division
IWLA Nebraska Division
River Network

Gifts of $5,000 or more
IWLA Linn County Chapter
IWLA Rapid City Chapter
IWLA South Dakota Division
The White Pine Fund

Gifts of $1,000 or more
Chesapeake Bay Trust
Devon Creek Foundation
IWLA Fredericksburg-Rappahannock Chapter
IWLA Grand Island Chapter
IWLA Kampeska Chapter
IWLA Lincoln Chapter
IWLA Maryland Division
IWLA McCook Lake Chapter
IWLA Sioux Falls Chapter
IWLA Sunshine Chapter
IWLA Wildlife Achievement Chapter 
National Wildlife Federation

Gifts of $500 or more
IWLA Rockville Chapter
IWLA Wisconsin Division
RKI Group Plans


As a member of EarthShare, a federation of the nation’s leading environmental and conservation organizations, the League is listed in a variety of workplace fund drives including the Combined Federal Campaign, many state and local government campaigns, several United Way campaigns, and a growing number of corporate and foundation campaign drives.

We wish to thank the hundreds of individuals who provided vital support for our conservation work in 2018 through these campaigns. For more information about adding a conservation giving option to your company’s workplace giving campaign, call the Development Department at (301) 548-0150 x213 or visit our Workplace Giving web page.

The Value of Volunteerism

The League is a shining example of the very American concept of volunteerism – the dedicated tradition of commitment to community and nation. League members spend countless hours working to protect America’s great outdoors. To get a snapshot of their activity, we ask our national directors and officers to estimate the number of hours they volunteered during the year.

Forty-four directors responded to our survey. Together, they volunteered 32,870 hours in 2018 to League activities. Imagine what that number would be if we surveyed all of our chapter leaders and members. According to Independent Sector, a coalition of nonprofits, corporations and foundations, a volunteer hour has a value of $24.69. That means their volunteer hours were worth $793,470. That is a generous donation on behalf of the League toward the stewardship of America’s natural resources.