Outdoor America 2017, Issue 4

OA 2017 Issue 4_front cover

Also In this issue

  • Director's Chair: Raising the Visibility of the League

    Izaak Walton League chapters, divisions, and the national organization share a common goal: raising the visibility of the League at the local, state, and national levels. The national organization ramped up our efforts this summer and fall.

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  • A History of the Duck Stamp: Part 2

    From the founding of the nation through most of the 20th century, agriculture won out over wetland conservation. Americans turned millions of acres of marshland and floodplains into crop land with little regard for the impact on wildlife. Today, we know that wetlands have value for wildlife conservation and our economy. (Part 2 of feature article)

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  • League Leader: America Needs More Hunters

    We need more hunters – for a variety of reasons. There are many ways you can help grow the next generation of hunters.

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