Outdoor America 2014, Issue 2

Outdoor America Spring 2014 (Issue 2) cover

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  • Conservation Cohorts: The Ikes and Outdoor Writers

    League members formed the Outdoor Writers Association of America in 1927 to set a high standard for outdoor writing and rid journalism of “nature faking.”

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  • Minnesota Gives Solar Panel Purchasers a Fair Deal

    In a nationwide first that could be a model for other states, the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (PUC) approved a statewide “Value of Solar” to calculate the net value of solar power to the energy grid. This is the culmination of two years of work by the League and our allies.

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  • League Lines: Planting To Improve Water Quality

    With increased development, it is increasingly important to filter runoff into reservoirs to help maintain drinking water quality. Native trees help do that, plus they benefit wildlife – and wildlife watchers.

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  • ID Invasives

    Invasive species are a threat to native plants and animals, crowding out natives, consuming food sources, or acting as fire hazards. On our public lands, these invaders will grow and grow until identified and eliminated.

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  • League Lines: Funding Nature Play for the Community

    The Champaign County Chapter (Illinois) invested in youth and nature – an investment that is paying dividends in the award-winning Homer Lake Natural Playscape.

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  • League Lines: Celebrating Conservation Across Iowa for 40 Years

    Since 1974, the Iowa Division has partnered with the Iowa Association of County Conservation Boards (IACCB) to recognize the efforts of county conservation boards in four areas: habitat improvement, food production, aquatic/wetland improvement, and other conservation projects.

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  • Death From Above

    There’s no question that unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) — more commonly called “drones” — are an effective way to locate animals. Will drones change the game?

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  • Youth Activity: Search for Soil Dwellers

    Healthy soil provides habitat (food, water, and shelter) for an astonishing array of creatures. Scientists estimate that more than half the mass of soil is made up of living things.

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  • Prime Time For Fishing

    As you head out on the water to cast a line, here’s what you need to know to help keep yourself — and the fish — alive.

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