Policy Pulse: Climate Action

President Trump’s announcement in June that the United States was withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord may have garnered headlines, but his executive order directing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to rescind the Clean Power Plan will have a much greater impact on efforts to reduce pollution that contributes to a warming climate.

The Clean Power Plan would reduce emissions from power plants, safeguard public health, and indirectly help spur the clean energy economy. In mid-June, EPA formally initiated the process to revoke the Clean Power Plan without suggesting any alternative.

There is clear scientific consensus that human activity is the driving force behind climate change, which represents a serious threat to public health, agriculture, wildlife, and the outdoor recreation economy. America’s hunters, anglers, and wildlife watchers have already begun to document the effects of a changing climate, such as delayed migrations, shifts in home ranges, and increased drought and wildfires. The League will continue working with our members and partner groups to combat climate change and drive adaptation practices that mitigate as many effects as possible.