Ikes in Action: Rockville Chapter Raises "Dollars for National"

Scott Kovarovics and Tom Perazella at Rockville Chapter
Maryland > Leaders of the Rockville Chapter wanted to raise awareness among their members of the importance of the League as a national organization and reinforce the key role that members play in providing financial stability for the organization.

Chapter leaders launched their “Dollars for National” campaign in November with an e-mail to every chapter member. “Central to the campaign was to make members aware of one of the key elements for the national organization in its search for grant monies: the percentage of Board members who personally contribute to the organization and, to a degree, the financial involvement of individual members beyond annual dues,” says Rockville Chapter treasurer and past president Tom Perazella. “The national organization was making the effort with Board members to get a 100-percent contribution rate and had already provided the tools for direct member contributions, both online and through direct mailings. But with fundraising, there is no substitute for a local effort.”

After the initial launch, chapter leaders promoted the program through a short article in the chapter newsletter, follow-up e-mails, and discussions at general membership and Board of Directors meetings. During the three-month campaign, more than 11 percent of chapter members made a contribution to the national organization – “quite good for such a simple, short-term program,” says Perazella. The majority of donations were made in-person at chapter meetings and events, which he says highlights the need for a personal approach to fundraising. “There is nothing like asking someone one-on-one for a donation to a worthwhile cause. The Rockville Chapter is happy to have helped the national organization with their fundraising efforts and increased awareness among chapter members.”