National News: Online Directory For League Leaders

Two of the League’s ongoing goals are to enhance our use of electronic resources and use dues dollars in the most effective way possible. These goals came together to create a new online tool to connect League leaders.

In February, we launched an online national directory (replacing the printed version) with enhanced features such as:

  • Real-time information: The online national directory can be accessed 24/7 and will provide the most current information each time you view it.
  • Search functionality: Leaders can find the exact information they need. Whether it’s the phone number for a national director or delegate vote counts for convention, the infor-mation is searchable and printable.
This information resides in a secure area of the national website and is accessible only by national, state, division, and local chapter officers for official League business. To access this tool and other password-protected content, click the Officer Tools tab on the League website and log in.

If you would like an overview of how to use the online national directory, visit our Chapter Resources web page ( for a recorded webinar.