Ikes in Action: Talking Turkey to Raise Funds for Youth Projects

Medina Chapter Turkey Shoot

Ohio >> Members of the Medina Chapter enjoy a little friendly competition – and the chance to take home dinner – in the chapter’s largest fundraiser. It’s an annual tradition for dozens of members.

Many years ago, a "turkey shoot" involved shooting at one or more live turkeys before the Thanksgiving holiday. Today, it’s a skills competition that encourages plenty of fun. The format of a turkey shoot can vary from breaking clay pigeons to shooting paper targets. The Medina Chapter uses paper targets, and the shooter who hits closest to the center of the target each round wins a cut of meat. The chapter typically hosts 15 rounds on Sunday mornings for 9 to 10 weeks in the fall and another 5 weeks in the spring. That’s a lot of meat! But most chapter members say they come for the camaraderie, not to win. (Although a turkey dinner is nice too.) The funds raised each year are used for chapter efforts to engage more youth in outdoor recreation and conservation, including a youth fishing party, Earth Day events, and the annual "Family Affair" at the Medina Fairgrounds. The chapter recently received a grant from the IWLA Endowment to build an archery range and members are receiving training on how to run a youth archery program.