League Lines: Rockville Junior Brings Home The Gold

Yulong Jones Air Pistol Finals April 2015Maryland > Proudly representing the Rockville Chapter’s Roaring Rifle/Pistol Juniors, Yulong Jones brought home the gold (and silver) from USA Shooting’s National Junior Olympic Championships.

Jones first became interested in shooting sports when her family joined the Rockville Chapter in 2011. That summer, she joined the chapter’s Junior Shotgun League. She soon branched out into air rifle and air pistol, competing with her Rockville Chapter teammates at events organized by the Civilian Marksmanship Program and the National Rifle Association, winning individual and team medals.

Last year, Jones took the top honors at the Maryland Junior Olympic Women’s Sports Pistol and Air Pistol competition, which earned her a spot at the National Junior Olympic Championships. The National Junior Olympic Championships are hosted by USA Shooting — the organization that oversees development of national teams that compete in the Olympic Games and other international competitions on behalf of the United States.

Yulong Jones Sports Pistol Gold Medal Winner J-2 April  2015Competing at the National Junior Olympic Championships among more than 130 female athletes ages 12-20, Jones won a gold medal in sport pistol for the Women’s J2 category (ages 15-17) and placed ninth overall — and impressive finish for her first year competing in sport pistol. She also won a silver medal in air pistol for the Women’s J2 category and came in seventh place overall for that event. Jones is one of only four young women to win National Junior Olympic Championship medals in both sport pistol and air pistol.

In addition to impressive finishes at her first National Junior Olympic Championships, Jones added one more accomplishment to her resume: a national record for air pistol. She scored 533 in a 60-shot, 10-meter air pistol match, which was recognized by the National Rifle Association as a new national women’s record.

Looking ahead, Jones’ goal is to make the U.S. Olympic Team and compete in the 2020 Olympic Games. We’ll be rooting for her!