League Lines: Growing Water Quality

WAC Tree PlantingThe Wildlife Achievement Chapter (Maryland) is committed to protecting the quality of water draining into Rocky Gorge Reservoir, which supplies drinking water to residents of two densely populated counties outside Washington, DC. As part of this ongoing effort, the chapter sponsored a tree-planting project in Rachel Carson Conservation Park with the help of Katherine Nelson from the Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission.

Twenty-three chapter members turned out to plant native trees and perform maintenance and repairs on dozens of tree cages from previous plantings. The chapter received a donation of 12 trees from Stadler Nurseries, a family-owned nursery with one of the largest tree farms in the state, and purchased 18 additional trees at a significant discount from Schott Nurseries, another Maryland-based business. The chapter donated all the materials needed for planting and repairs.

The trees were planted to capture runoff draining into the Hawlings River, which travels through Rachael Carson Conservation Park. This was the second time the chapter worked at this location, but it is likely to become an annual project due to the size of the area and the amount of work needed. The chapter will plant new trees in the future as well as replace those that have succumbed to the elements, been damaged by deer, or lost as a result of aggressive herbicide spraying for non-native invasives in the area. Chapter members look forward to continued progress in this area.