Family Adventures in Nature Club Guidebook

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Engaging families and helping them enjoy the outdoors is a priority for League chapters nationwide. Starting a Family Adventures in Nature (FAN) Club can help your chapter attract families – and keep them coming back.

FAN Clubs involve simple activities, local partnerships, and leveraging social media to engage families and communities. In turn, this can help grow community awareness of the chapter, support chapter conservation goals, and offer numerous benefits to participating youth and families.

To help you get started, the League has created a Family Adventures in Nature Club Guidebook that offers research-based, field-tested resources that are easy to use, whether you have an existing youth program or are starting from scratch. Contents of the guidebook include:

  • Benefits of Starting a FAN Club
  • FAN Club Design Guide
  • Outreach and Communications Strategies
  • Event Planning Considerations
  • Event Activity Suggestions
  • Tips for Sustained Success
  • FAN Club Planning Worksheet
  • FAN Club Checklists
  • Additional Resources
  • Examples and Templates

We have also developed electronic templates for marketing materials that you can download FREE from the League Web site. We have several different designs for promotional fliers and postcards that you can personalize with your chapter’s information to promote your events.

Visit for all these exciting resources, plus tips about online tools that can help you keep track of volunteers and attendees.

For further assistance in starting a FAN Club at your chapter or in your community, contact IWLA Conservation Education Associate Rebecca Wadler at (800) 453-5463 x243 or