Recruiting New Creek Freaks

To expand participation in the League’s successful Creek Freaks program, League staff will make presentations this year at conferences focused on summer camps and afterschool programs. Workshops will be conducted at the Northeast YMCA Camp Conference, the American Camp Association Mid-States Regional Conference, and the National Afterschool Association Conference. We are thrilled at the prospect of bringing Creek Freaks to these new audiences.

Creek Freaks has a very adaptable curriculum – the perfect fit for a summer camp setting, where kids are eager to learn in a fun yet informal way. A Creek Freaks camp has the potential to merge STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education with unstructured exploration and technology, giving kids the opportunity to use creative thinking skills and foster connections with nature. All while having fun!

Based on our successes with local programs near the League headquarters in Maryland, we know that Creek Freaks makes a great afterschool program. We hope that the connections with these regional and national organizations will allow us to reach more kids with Creek Freaks and provide them with meaningful connections to nature.