League Lines: Marksmanship and Charity at Colorado Chapter

Pikes Peak Chapter_Colorado State Trap Shoot

The Pikes Peak Chapter was honored to host the Colorado State Trap Shoot in June. It was the chapter’s first time hosting the annual shooting competition sponsored by the Colorado State Trapshooting Association – and based on the event’s success, we’re sure it won’t be the last!

Four hundred fifty people, including adult and junior competitors, attended the event, including competitors from Colorado, states surrounding Colorado, and even as far away as Alberta, Canada. “We received a lot of good feedback as far as how the shoot was managed, and we had a good turnout of volunteers,” says George Sturdevant, chapter vice president. “We even had ‘people haulers’ to take shooters from one end of the trap line to the other. Our club has a total of 14 trap fields, so those ‘haulers’ came in handy!” In fact, the chapter had installed additional trap fields for the state event, construction of which they funded with the proceeds from lead reclamation on their ranges.

Forty-six of the competitors were from the AIM (Academics, Integrity, Marksmanship) Club sponsored by the Pikes Peak Chapter. The club provides a safe, positive environment for youth to learn the sport of trap shooting. (Children as young as elementary school age can participate in AIM.)

The Pikes Peak Chapter also added a fifth day to the state competition with a “Shoot for the Cure” charity event to benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation, a breast cancer charity the chapter has previously supported. They had a great turnout: 200 competitors signed up for the charity shoot, and the chapter also organized a silent auction to raise additional funds. “We thought this would be a good way to get shooters involved in raising money for the Komen Foundation,” says Sturdevant.

An event this large takes a village to manage. “I have to acknowledge the efforts put forth by all the volunteers and the trap committee,” says Sturdevant, “especially three individuals: Delbert Richardson for running the shoot, Kelly Sol for implementing the Komen Shoot for the Cure, and Mike Peterson for his time spent with the AIM Club every weekend leading up to the state shoot.”

Since the trap shoot, the chapter’s membership numbers have increased slightly. It also gave the chapter more exposure to trap enthusiasts throughout the front range of the Rockies. “Trap shooting in the state of Colorado is a close community,” says Sturdevant. “Word spreads fast when certain events are happening.” Hopefully word about this success spread just as quickly.

By Dawn Merritt