League Lines: Getting the Word Out About the League

West Central Chapter radio show

The most frequently asked question that I respond to is, “What are the Ikes and what do they do?” The West Central Chapter in Iowa decided to take a proactive approach to the question by having a monthly radio program that informs listeners what the Ikes are involved in and what the goals and objectives of the Ikes are.

Each month, the Izaak Walton League Report on KDSN Radio of Denison, Iowa, features a current conservation or environmental issue the Ikes are working on and then discusses all current programs, fundraisers, and chapter news of the West Central Chapter. Scholarship awards, local conservation programs, community/chapter collaboration, and upcoming events at the chapter are emphasized.

Randy Grossman of KDSN Radio, who hosts the program, has been a friend of mine for many years, and I inquired about the possibilities of air time for the Ikes. We discussed a few different options, but the most affordable (maybe the only affordable plan) was the monthly program we now use. He shared with me some of the businesses that advertise on the station and said that if they sponsored us the cost would be less than if we sponsored the program ourselves or had a new sponsor support us.

Bank Iowa and the Hoffman Insurance Agency have been strong supporters of conservation and jointly sponsor the program. I do my personal business at Bank Iowa and the Hoffman Agency, so I went right in and asked them to sponsor us. They were very open to the idea and pleased to have their name on a program that supported conservation. The cost of advertising is modest, and listeners in southwest and west central Iowa in a radius of 60-90 miles receive the program.

Membership is up, youth involvement has been greatly enhanced, and community involvement in activities on the chapter grounds has increased. Attendance at fundraisers (fish frys, pancake breakfasts, soup suppers, etc.) has shown a significant increase because of the radio program. I feel people in our area identify with what the Ikes are and do.

Jack Johnson, West Central Chapter