Soils & Agriculture

“Leveraging Conservation Dollars: Agricultural Prac­tices that Deliver Water Quality, Wildlife Habitat, and Soil Health” highlights the benefits of focusing federal, state, and local conservation dollars on farm and ranch practices that help solve multiple problems facing rural areas. READ MORE>>>

America’s farms and ranches provide food, fuel, and fiber for a growing population, but this productivity often comes with environmental costs: Fertilizer and pesticides running into your local creek or favorite fishing hole. Fewer waterfowl – and more flooding – due to drained wetlands and plowed-up grasslands. Blankets of algae cover lakes large and small. Chances are that you’ve seen agriculture’s impact firsthand.

The Izaak Walton League has been involved in agriculture policy since 1937, when we called for a national program to retire fields in mountainous areas from agricultural use. We’ve come a long way since then in understanding the impact of our agricultural system on soil, waters, and wildlife – and how to lessen those impacts. With your help, we can promote conservation in agriculture policy and on-the-ground practices.

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