• Clean Water Rule Public Comment Period Opens Today

    The public comment period officially opened today on a proposal to protect more U.S. waters from pollution, draining, and filling. The long-awaited proposal from the Army Corps of Engineers and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will clarify which waters of the United States are protected by the Clean Water Act. The public has until July 21, 2014, to submit comments supporting clean water.
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  • Izaak Walton’s Compleat Angler

    Oxford University Press has released a new, scholarly edition of "The Compleat Angler." More than 350 years after the first edition was published, the "Angler" continues to inspire us and countless readers around the world.
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  • It's a Good Day for Clean Water!

    After years of delay, we have some very good news on the clean water front today. The Army Corps of Engineers and Environmental Protection Agency released a proposed rule (March 25, 2014) to amend their regulations implementing the Clean Water Act to begin restoring protections for small streams and wetlands nationwide.
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  • The True Value of Solar

    There’s broad desire to increase solar on the electric grid. What if we step back and tried to answer the question: What are the costs and benefits of solar? The end result would be a thoroughly developed net “Value of Solar” that works with utility business models and compensates customers fairly for helping add solar to grid.
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  • “Green” yards can take on a whole new meaning

    The “National Rivers and Streams Assessment” found that 55 percent of our nation’s river and stream miles do not support healthy populations of aquatic life, with phosphorus and nitrogen pollution and poor habitat the most widespread problems. Now the good news: We can take simple steps at home, at League chapters, and in our communities to tackle water and air pollution.
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  • The Value of Chaos in Environmental Education

    After hearing how little unstructured outdoor play children get these days and all the detrimental effects this has on children’s physical, mental, and emotional health, I no longer believe that chaos is an occasional inconvenience for outdoor educators.
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