Join the Clean Water Challenge

At our national convention in July, attendees brainstormed about the League's next "big idea." The starting point was a simple but important question: what do we want the League to be known for?

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2016 National Convention

Ikes from across the country gathered in Wisconsin for the League’s national convention, which explored the theme, "Defending Our Waters: Past, Present, and Future."

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Clean Water: Your Right to Know

In April, the Izaak Walton League released a new report, "Clean Water: Your Right To Know." This report is the first to comprehensively assess whether the American people have access to timely, accurate, and local information about water quality in streams and rivers across the country.

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​Outdoor Recreation

An American Invention

The national park system is more than America’s best idea – it’s the Declaration of Independence applied to our national landscape.

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Wildlife Photographers vs. Wildlife

Photographers can and do cause unintentional injury and death to wild creatures as well as damage to habitats. We need to give wildlife the gifts of space and time.

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A Spontaneous Adventure

The most memorable experiences are usually the ones you don’t plan.

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