Resources for Conserving Streams and Wetlands

Whether you’re new to stream monitoring or an experienced water wader, the League has the resources you need to succeed.

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2015 IWLA National Convention Recap

Ikes from across the country gathered in Pierre, South Dakota, last week for the League's 93rd annual national convention. Convention is the largest gathering of Ikes every year and we cover a lot of ground in three days. In case you could not attend this year, here is a brief recap.

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Where Does Pollution Come From?

Today’s major threat to water quality is pollution that does not come from an easily identifiable source. Using fertilizer and pesticides on our lawns, failing to clean up after our pets, and washing our cars cause nonpoint-source pollution.

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​Outdoor Recreation

Like No Other Place: The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation

We take our access to game and grounds for granted. But our country is like no other in the way we manage fish and wildlife.

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New Initiative Aims To Get Kids Outdoors

Having the opportunity to get outside and experience nature at a young age is more important ever – both for kids and for conservation! That’s why I’m excited about President Obama’s “Every Kid in a Park” initiative to connect kids and their families to the outdoors, no matter where they live.

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How genetically manipulated animals and canned hunts threaten North American hunting

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