Izaak Walton League Applauds Program Rewarding Conservation on Farms

Farmers who adopt conservation measures to build healthier soils should be rewarded with a discount on their crop insurance premiums. That’s what a pilot program proposed by Minnesota Congressman Rick Nolan – and supported by the Izaak Walton League of America – would do.

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A Forgotten River

Rivers were a source of water, habitat, and transportation during the country’s beginnings, but expanding populations and land use decisions caused harmed. But that was in the past, and times are beginning to change.

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Excess Road Salt Damages Water Quality, Infrastructure, and Human Health

Road salts and deicers eventually end up in our waterways, creating toxic conditions for fish and wildlife – and threatening human health. The League's Winter Salt Watch will help identify and solve excess road salt problems.

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​Outdoor Recreation

President's Budget Proposal Guts Critical Conservation Programs

The League opposes proposed cuts to programs benefiting conservation, clean air, and clean water – all of which are critical for public health, outdoor recreation, and the U.S. economy.

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Fishing and Clean Water: What We Can Learn From Our Founding Ikes

Our waters may not be as pristine as they once were, but the fish are always biting. Who do I have to thank for these bountiful fish populations? Well, in part I owe thanks to our founding Ikes.

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Saving Wetlands: A History of the Duck Stamp

From the founding of the nation through most of the 20th century, agriculture won out over wetland conservation. Americans turned millions of acres of marshland and floodplains into crop land with little regard for the impact on wildlife. Today, we know that wetlands have value for wildlife conservation and our economy.

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