Tracking Salt Levels in Our Streams

Something most people probably aren’t thinking about during these deep freezes is the threats posed to water quality and stream health. Every stream or river located near a roadway is at risk for chloride concentration increases due to road salts.

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Winter Stream Stewardship Projects

Stream stewardship does not stop with cold weather! There are many ways you can monitor water health and help your community in the coming months.

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Christmas Tree Recycling and More

Before you throw that tree to the curb, save this article for alternatives to getting rid of your tree.

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​Outdoor Recreation

Dirt Doesn’t Hurt: Why Children Need Outdoor Exploration

Stream monitoring is the perfect way to introduce children to outdoor exploration and environmental stewardship. And playing in a stream can exposure them to microbes or "germs" that can be vital to strengthening immune systems.

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Wiser About Water

Whether you’re planning to boat on it, fish it, or drink it, here’s how to nab nasties that can threaten a waterway’s health – and yours!

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Ikes in Action: Ikes Provide Pathway to Nature Exploration

The Mid-Shore Chapter has partnered with Pickering Creek Audubon Center for the past 25 years to provide Talbot County Public School third grade students with a hands-on nature experience.

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