House Agriculture Committee Advances Farm Bill

On April 18, the House Agriculture Committee voted to advance its version of a 2018 Farm Bill. The bill is a mixed bag when it comes to IWLA water and wildlife conservation priorities.

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Local Nonprofit Taking Over League Program To Improve Water Quality in Montgomery County

The Izaak Walton League of America launched “Lands Green, Waters Clean” in 2012 to address the everyday pollution most people don’t recognize: runoff from yards and other residential areas. The Muddy Branch Alliance is now taking leadership of the “Lands Green, Waters Clean” initiative, continuing the work started by the League

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Restoring Our Rivers

All across America, rivers, lakes, and wetlands suffer from the runoff of fertilizers, pesticides, and manure. And downstream communities have to deal with the pollution to provide safe, clean drinking water.

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​Outdoor Recreation

Don’t Get Tangled Up in Fishing Line Litter

Fishing line can cause major problems for wildlife if it is not disposed of correctly. (Monofilament fishing line in particular is made to last: it takes roughly 600 years to decompose!) Monofilament recycling stations are easy to build and provide a place for fisherman to throw away used fishing line.

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Discounted Fishing Gear for Chapter Events

Fishing is a great way to get kids (and adults) outdoors. Zebco’s Family Fishing Program provides discounted rods and reels to nonprofits that engage youth and families in fishing activities.

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A Place for Wildlife on America’s Farms and Ranches

America’s fish and wildlife depend on America’s farms and ranches for critical habitat. The 2018 Farm Bill needs to ensure that farmers and ranchers have the tools they need to make a place for wildlife through wildlife-friendly practices and innovative farming and ranching systems.

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