Image of salt truck with text "Road salt is coming"

Get Ready for Road Salt

Road salt is everywhere during winter months. It keeps us safe on roads and sidewalks, but it can also pose a threat to fish and wildlife as well as human health. Request a FREE Salt Watch test kit to find out whether excess road salt is a problem in your community.

Student assessing water quality

The Measure of Success: Finding Out Whether a Stream Restoration Worked

Sometimes, nature needs to be restored before it can be protected. But how do we know whether our restoration efforts have brought back something worth protecting?

Bison herd

Protect Wildlife

One third of all wildlife species in the United States are at increased risk of extinction. The Recovering America’s Wildlife Act (RAWA) is a bipartisan bill that establishes a 21st century funding model for conserving fish and wildlife – and it’s moving forward right now. You can help build the momentum.

Sandhill cranes in a wetland

EPA Strikes First of Two Blows Against Clean Water

The Environmental Protection Agency removed Clean Water Act protections for small tributary streams and millions of acres of wetlands nationwide, weakening protections for water quality, fish and wildlife habitat, and our economy.