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Water Webinars

Save Our Streams Presents: Clean Water Webinar Series

Each month (usually on a Wednesday!), the Clean Water Team will be bringing you presentations on all things clean water. From policy to landscaping and everything between, join us for an opportunity to learn about clean water issues and what you can do to protect America’s waterways.

September 24 – From the Stream to the Tap: Where Stream Health and Drinking Water Meet

When discussing water quality, the first image that pops into many people’s minds is the drinking water that comes out of the taps in their home. Clean and safe drinking water is something that most people in the developed world take for granted, but there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to ensure the safety and accessibility of your tap water. Join us as Kyle Danley, Chief Operating Officer of Des Moines Water Works, and Katherine Baer, Director of Science and Policy with River Network, discuss the behind-the-scenes work of getting water from the stream to your tap. They’ll discuss challenges and solutions related to polluted source water, how water is treated to meet Safe Drinking Water Act standards, policy and advocacy in the world of drinking water, and more!

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Stream with small waterfall

Protect Streams and Wetlands

EPA has proposed an absurd definition of "waters" that would exclude many streams and wetlands. Urge your Representative to order EPA to propose a new definition that is based on science!

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Save Our Streams online training

How COVID-19 Is Threatening Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring

When a global health crisis threatened our work to protect clean water across America, we sprang into action. Now, you can join our nationwide stream team more easily than ever.

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Agriculture Resilience Act

Support the Agriculture Resilience Act

The Agriculture Resilience Act would help farmers rebuild healthy soils, create more resilient farms, and harness agriculture to put atmospheric carbon back in the soil and fight climate change. Ask your Representative to co-sponsor the Agriculture Resilience Act.

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Our Climate Statement to Congress

We support immediate actions at the federal, state, local and private levels to address climate change and build climate resiliency – and we're offering solutions that will allow conservation to flourish in the future.

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