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Water Wednesday Webinars

Save Our Streams Presents: Clean Water Wednesday Webinar Series

Every week from 12-1 p.m. Eastern time, the Clean Water Team will be bringing you presentations on all things clean water. From policy to landscaping and everything between, join us for an opportunity to learn about clean water issues and what you can do to protect America’s waterways.

June 10 – Where It All Goes: Wastewater Treatment and Clean Water

Where does water go once it flows down the drain, and how do we make sure it's clean when it comes back out of our faucets? Join us for an introduction to wastewater treatment and its critical role in providing clean water to citizens across the country. Emily Bialowas, Chesapeake Monitoring and Outreach Program Coordinator, and Melissa Atwood, Outreach Manager of Fairfax County Wastewater Management, will walk you through the history of wastewater management, lessons learned, current challenges, and goals for the future.

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June 17 – The Value of Citizen Science

What is citizen science, and how can it improve our understanding of the world around us? Join Caroline Nickerson, Program Manager of SciStarter, and the Save Our Streams team for a discussion on the value of citizen science. You'll learn about how different projects utilize citizen science, the accuracy of citizen-collected data, and how citizen science benefits our global community!

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Stream with small waterfall

Protect Streams and Wetlands

EPA has proposed an absurd definition of "waters" that would exclude many streams and wetlands. Urge your Representative to order EPA to propose a new definition that is based on science!

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Stream Selfie: Our Eyes on the Water!

Thanks to thousands of Selfie takers across the country, now we can see which streams are clogged with trash… and we can do something about it! Our Trash Map can help you find a location near you that needs a little love.

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Salt on road

Is Road Salt Polluting Your Water?

The third season of Winter Salt Watch – our annual citizen science project to investigate how road salt impacts stream health – was our biggest yet! With over 750 reports submitted during the winter of 2019-20, we saw participation triple since the previous year. Concerned citizens across the country have learned about the connection between road salt and water quality and have shared their findings with us.

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Soil health demonstration

Five Simple Soil Health Tests

Gardens won't grow without healthy soil – and testing your soil doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. Here are five easy ways to find out whether your plants are getting what they need.

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