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Over the past 100 years, the Izaak Walton League of America has been an extraordinary champion and defender of the nation’s soil, air, woods, waters and wildlife. Through member-driven bottom-up governance, we're protecting outdoor America in communities across the country, while working strategically at the national level to win critical conservation battles.

Our Recent Work

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Virginia Save Our Streams Annual Report

The 2023 VA SOS Annual Report is now available. Check out this summary of all the great work our volunteer monitor community did last year.

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Hunting Reimagined: Expanding and Sustaining an Outdoor Tradition

Hunting plays a vital role in conservation by contributing to wildlife management and by providing most of the funding for national programs. But hunting participation has declined in recent decades. To turn around the trend, mentors suggest adopting non-hunters and introducing them to a broader view of what hunting can be.

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Agriculture Resilience Act

Nature for Everyone: People with Differing Abilities in the Great Outdoors

The Izaak Walton League is on a mission to connect the largest possible number of people to outdoor recreation. When one in four Americans has a disability, that means making recreation more accessible is a key priority. Read about how the League, disability advocates, and other allies are working to make nature inclusive for everyone.

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Three Things You Can Do Right Now

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Celebrate the Upper Mississippi Refuge Anniversary

The modern conservation movement was kick-started in 1924 when Will Dilg, the first president of the Izaak Walton League, created a campaign to save fish and wildlife habitat along nearly 300 miles of the Upper Mississippi River. To commemorate the 100th anniversary of what would become the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge, performer Steven Marking created a film, “A Visit from Will Dilg."

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Agriculture Resilience Act

2024 National Convention

At our 2024 convention, the League will focus on our historic mission to protect the nation’s great waterways, including the Chesapeake Bay, and discuss how we can take action today to secure a better future. We will also host a special event to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the League’s 1924 achievement of establishing the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge.

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Join Nitrate Watch

Our Nitrate Watch community science program has just celebrated its first anniversary! Join the growing number of volunteers across the country who are working to address this water pollution problem and public health hazard.

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Donate Now to Secure the Future of Conservation!

Stand with us to defend outdoor America's future. Together, we can protect healthy natural resources, pristine landscapes and our outdoor traditions. Your gift will be put to work immediately to continue building on the Izaak Walton League's legacy of conservation leadership.

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For more than 100 years, the Izaak Walton League has worked very effectively to achieve practical policies that balance conservation and sustainable use of natural resources. Please help us find common-sense solutions to today's serious environmental problems.

Join the League as a national member to support our conservation and advocacy work.

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Support healthy food, clean water, and a stable climate!

The Farm Bill has enormous impacts on resources that are important to all of us, like healthy food, clean water, and a stable climate. Ask your representative to support a Farm Bill that improves day-to-day life for every American!

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