Stream Selfie

We all have a favorite creek or stream. Maybe it’s one you walk by every day, or one you discovered while on vacation. Every stream is an important source of water for wildlife, the environment, and our drinking water. Join our movement to build a national map of our favorite streams across the country by sharing a Stream Selfie!

Anyone can get involved. Simply snap a photo of a stream that’s important to you (with or without your face!) and share your picture at the Stream Selfie page. Help us collect important data by sharing information about the amount of trash at your stream, if your stream is monitored for water quality, and more! Your observations will help us tell the story of our country’s waterways.

Ready to share your stream? Add your story to our map today!


This week's Stream Selfie comes from Tristan and Tess in Fairfield, Iowa. Brush Creek "enriches the natural environment around it, as well as my life. I see it practically every day and enjoy how it changes seasonally and over time."

Brush Creek

Stream Selfie Map

Since launching the Stream Selfie project in 2017, we've received photos from 49 states. This map shows just the Stream Selfies we've received in 2020. Click on a star to see the photo and story of someone's favorite stream!

The Stream Selfie project is brought to you by the Izaak Walton League of America and SciStarter, an online community dedicated to sharing and improving citizen science around the world.