Why Do It?

Your yard can be beautiful and good for the environment. By replacing a patch of grass with local plants or installing a rain barrel, you can:

Reduce pollution: Replacing a patch of grass with native flowers, shrubs, and trees slows rain runoff and filters out pollutants (such as fertilizer, car oil, road salt, and dirt) that damage local streams and larger waterways.

Butterfly_Matt CohenAttract birds and butterflies: Native flowers and trees add life to your garden by attracting song birds and colorful butterflies. Native plants provide food and shelter for other watchable wildlife – plus they feed important pollinators. For information on flower colors that attract bees and hummingbirds, visit the Pollinator Partnership Web site.

Increase the beauty and appeal of your yard: You can improve the look of your garden while improving water quality. Whether your style is tidy rows or bunches of wildflowers, you can find a wide variety native plants that fit your needs.

Reduce the need for harmful chemicals: Native plants thrive in local conditions, so you won’t need all the harmful chemicals – including fertilizers and pesticides – required to keep grass green. This is healthier for your family, your drinking water, and local wildlife. 

Save time and money: Once established, native plants require less care and watering than exotic plants, which means you’ll have more time to enjoy and share your landscape with others. You can spend less time (and money!) watering your garden using a rain barrel with a drip hose attached.

Reduce noise and air pollution: Less lawn area means less need for gas-powered mowing, blowing, and edging – all of which contribute to noise and air pollution and use up fuel resources.

Inspire others to do their part: When friends, family, and neighbors drop by, they’ll be impressed by the improvements you have made. Your example may even inspire them to do their part for the environment too!