Success Stories

Girl Playing on BallNative plant gardens and rain barrels are a growing trend!

Neighbors who have already replaced some of their turf grass with native plant gardens can provide inspiration and ideas for your own garden. Learn more about homeowners in Montgomery County, Maryland, who have embraced native plant gardening:

  • Elaine L. (rain gardens, rain barrels): “When I’m out there gardening, I’ll have people stop by and say how much they like the garden and seeing how it changes over the seasons.” 

  • Jim F. (rain gardens, rain barrels): “It has prevented any water from getting into my house for 10 years!” And his yard still has plenty of open space for his grandsons to come over and play. 

  • Kit G. (native plant gardens, rain garden, rain barrels): "My grand-nieces climbed trees, hid in the plants. They’ve been having a great adventure. We bring my granddaughter here and sit her on the lawn. Since I don’t use fertilizer or pesticides, I’m not at all worried to have a 10-month-old sitting in the grass."