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Native Plant Gardens

More and more homeowners are replacing exotic ornamental plants with native plant gardens (also called “conservation landscapes”). What explains this growing trend? Native plant gardens

  • Are good for the environment – they don’t need pesticides and fertilizers, which wash into local streams when it rains
  • Attract colorful birds and butterflies
  • Save you time – they don’t need much attention (and no mowing!)
  • Save you money on all those pesticides and fertilizers you no longer need     
  • Look great!

To create a native plant garden, follow the same steps as for any gardening project: Make a plan, buy and install plants, and do some basic maintenance. Our Native Plant Gardens fact sheet (PDF) has all the details.

Native plant garden_Matt CohenWant to do more? Two other types of garden installations can also improve stream health and wildlife habitat:

  • Rain barrels capture rain water from gutter downspouts to keep it from running into storm drains – and carrying pollutants straight into local streams. A rain barrel can also cut your water bill and save drinking water for drinking. Visit our rain barrel Web page to learn more.