The iconic rivers, lakes, and bays we love across America have many of the same problems: nutrient pollution, sediment, invasive species. They also have unique challenges. Find out how you can help restore our great waters.

Chesapeake Bay

In addition to on-the-ground conservation and education projects, the League works for sound policies that promote healthy waterways and a vibrant Chesapeake Bay.

Photo credit: Chesapeake Bay Program

Great Lakes

The League is working to advocate for and restore the beautiful Great Lakes. Our current focus is stopping aquatic invasive species. Learn more about how you can help us protect and restore this national treasure. 
Photo credit: EPA

Missouri River

The "Mighty Mo" provides drinking water to millions of people and critical habitat for fish and wildlife. It is also the backbone of a booming outdoor recreation industry. Unfortunately, the clock is ticking for many of its native fish and wildlife. A healthy Missouri River will be able to produce self-sustaining fish and wildlife populations. We just need to work together to get there.

Upper MO Breaks Natil Monument_BLM

Upper Mississippi River

Rivers are naturally dynamic. That natural flow has been drastically altered on the Upper Mississippi, not just by impounding the river behind a series of dams but also through land development (primarily for agriculture), urban pollution, and agricultural runoff. The League is working to restore this vital resource while promoting sustainable agriculture and the development of farm conservation programs by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Photo credit: USFWS
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