League Kicks Off Clean Water Challenge

At our national convention in July, the Izaak Walton League launched the Clean Water Challenge nationally. The Challenge presents our most ambitious grassroots goal ever: mobilize and train volunteers to monitor 100,000 more stream sites for pollution by the League’s 100th anniversary in 2022. Your donations this spring provided the financial support needed to kick off this effort.

Building on the League’s nearly 50 years of experience with Save Our Streams (SOS), we are uniquely positioned to succeed. Save Our Streams engages volunteers to assess water quality, respond to pollution problems, and share their findings with local governments, the media, and their neighbors. Through the Clean Water Challenge, the League will dramatically expand volunteer outreach, training, and support to reach our 100,000 streams goal.

And we’ve hit the ground running. In September and October, our staff are mounting a “training surge” with SOS workshops every weekend across multiple states. We also provided every chapter and active SOS monitor with new tools and resources to communicate their monitoring results to the press, policymakers, and their community.

These are some of the first steps in a five-year campaign to protect and improve water quality, engage more Americans in grassroots conservation, and raise the visibility of the League.  

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