Monthly Giving

Friends help you...

Protect what's important to you.

Good friends support you. That's just what "Friends of IWLA" do! 
Through a small monthly donation, you can provide critical support for the League’s conservation and outdoor recreation initiatives. How will your contribution make a difference?
  • $10/month promotes the League’s public service announcements (PSAs) to radio stations nationwide for one month
  • $15/month trains one new stream monitoring volunteer
  • $25/month provides 12 League chapters with shooting sports resources through a one-year membership to the National Shooting Sports Foundation
  • $40/month fully equips a new stream monitoring group with nets, chemical kits, and everything they need to test water quality

Will you take the pledge and become a “Friend of IWLA” today? Authorize your monthly gift now!

stream monitoring_Arlington-Fairfax Chapter training