IWLA Resolutions Process


Resolutions are not only the policy of the Izaak Walton League of America, but are its voice as well. The process serves as a binding function that pulls us all together as a League. Each year members, chapters, and divisions draft resolutions outlining the steps they would like the League to take in addressing serious natural resource problems. Resolutions that are formally adopted become official policy and, together with that body of policy developed in the past, provide guidance to League staff and officers.

In addition to the policy-making feature of resolutions, the process serves to educate members about critical natural resource issues and provides valuable guidance and support to divisions and chapters as they seek solutions at the state and local levels.

A separate Resolutions Committee (consisting of the chair and vice chair of each Resource Committee), with input from the IWLA Staff, shall assign resolutions to the proper Resource Committee for further review and action at the League's national convention. Upon completion of review and final formulation by the respective Resource Committee, the Resolutions Committee makes the final recommendations on resolutions to the current IWLA national president for procedural consideration before they are presented to convention delegates for the vote.

To allow time for review and processing, members, chapters, and divisions are required by IWLA Bylaws (Rules 15.4) to submit resolution proposals and supporting materials two weeks in advance of the national convention.

Here are a few pointers to aid in submitting a resolution proposal:

  • Make it clear that the proposed resolution is intended for consideration at the national convention.
  • Write the resolution in simple essay form (not the “whereas style”).
  • Include background articles, fact sheets, studies, or other information with the proposal to give the Resources and Resolution Committees a better understanding of the issue and its importance.
  • Identify and credit the author of the resolution.
  • Identify someone familiar with the resolution, its history, and who will be prepared to speak to the Resource Committee at the national convention.

Proposals for consideration should be sent to:
IWLA Conservation Staff
707 Conservation Lane
Gaithersburg, MD 20878-2983
Attn: Resolutions

Along with the mailed copy of proposed resolutions, please e-mail an advance notice of your resolution to

Please submit proposed resolutions as soon as possible but no later than 14 days prior to the national convention. Resolutions received after this date cannot be considered at that year's national convention per IWLA Bylaws.