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Threats to nearly three in four waterways underscore the need to replace damaging rules


WASHINGTON, March 24, 2021 -----  Recent reporting by E&E News confirms the damaging effects of regulations adopted by the Trump administration that dramatically limit the types of waterways that are protected by the Clean Water Act, the nation’s bedrock law designed to safeguard water quality. When the weaker guidelines were proposed, the Izaak Walton League sounded the alarm about streams and wetlands that would lose protection.

Now, in a comprehensive analysis of applications to fill streams and drain wetlands, E&E News found that the Army Corps of Engineers determined that nearly three out of every four waterways reviewed since the rule was adopted are not protected by the Clean Water Act. This means they can be filled in or dredged without a federal permit, imperiling drinking water, habitat for fish and wildlife and the outdoor recreation economy.

These findings reinforce how important it is for the Biden administration to act quickly to replace the damaging rules with new ones that follow science, the law and common sense.


For nearly 100 years, the Izaak Walton League has fought for clean air and water, healthy fish and wildlife habitat, and conserving special places for future generations. Today, the League plays a unique role in supporting citizens locally and shaping conservation policy nationally.


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