Press Release

President's Budget Proposal Guts Critical Conservation Programs

Deer in Woods_credit Joe Kosack_PGC Photo

Today, President Trump released his budget request to Congress, highlighting spending priorities of his administration for Fiscal Year 2019. Like last year, his budget proposes debilitating cuts that jeopardize protections for clean air and water, wildlife habitat, and the $887 billion outdoor recreation economy. The Environmental Protection Agency would be cut by 34%, including a 90% reduction in funding to restore and clean up the Great Lakes. Funding for managing and conserving public lands would be reduced, including a $7 million cut to the already chronically underfunded National Wildlife Refuge System. And the proposal completely eliminates assistance for farmers to protect water quality, soil health, and wildlife habitat – protections that benefit every American.

“This budget request does not reflect the conservation values of the Izaak Walton League," said Conservation Director Jared Mott. "We will continue to work with our members and partners for a budget that invests in conservation, clean air, and clean water. Those investments are critical for public health, outdoor recreation, and the U.S. economy.”