Second Wetland Mitigation Bank Discussed in SD

SD NRCS State Technical Committee Meets

The South Dakota Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) held a meeting of the state’s technical committee September 27 in Huron. The committee is composed of representatives from agriculture and conservation organizations, including the Izaak Walton League. The technical committee provides NRCS with guidance and recommendations on U.S. Department of Agriculture conservation programs and how the programs are implemented in the state.

The committee is also involved in the new wetland mitigation bank, a provision in the last Farm Bill. NRCS recently approved the first mitigation site and has proposed a second site. The League’s South Dakota Division expressed concerns about several aspects of the first site to the NRCS, and division members and League staff are currently reviewing the new site proposal. The division will submit comments on the second proposed site (due October 13) asking that any and all values and functions of wetlands lost through the mitigation program be replaced by the proposed banking sites.