Yankton-Area Missouri River Events May Face Challenges in 2018

Yankton Events

The planning committee for the Missouri River Events, which includes League staff, met October 6 in Yankton to begin organizing 2018 events. These events include the Missouri River Watershed School Festival, the Missouri River Clean Up, the Invasive Species Awareness Event, and the Lake Yankton Outdoor Festival and Homestead Day – all of which are held annually in May and June.

Due to possible funding challenges for the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission and the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Department in coming years, the planning committee may have to make changes to the school festival and river clean up events next year. In the past, staff from the state agencies provided presentations to the students and operated boats that hauled volunteers and trash during the clean-up. We hope agency staff will be able to participate in the 2018 events, but the committee wants to be prepared in case the two states are not able to send out members of their staff and the needed equipment for these events. We will keep you updated as the needs for each event are clarified.