Missouri River Recovery Committee Receives Science Updates


Members of the Missouri River Recovery Implementation Committee (MRRIC), including League staff, took part in the first-ever Missouri River fall science meetings on October 11-13. The meetings, conducted by webinar and conference calls, are part of the Adaptive Management Plan (AMP) of the new Missouri River Recovery Management Plan. At each meeting, committee members received updates on research and monitoring efforts for the endangered pallid sturgeon, least tern and piping plover in the upper and lower Missouri River. Researchers also outlined what types of monitoring will be done in the future.

The science meetings mark a new approach in recovery efforts by allowing stakeholders to be involved with the teams of scientists developing recovery actions. League staff serves on the newly formed MRRIC Fish Work Group, which is working to develop recovery actions that could help replace habitat for the pallid sturgeon and other native fish species. These species are struggling because hundreds of thousands of acres of aquatic and terrestrial habitat has been destroyed by the Corps’ operation of the Missouri River. MRRIC is holding its fall meeting October 31-November 2 in Kansas City.